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    LED High Bay shop lights?

    I have had a lot of success with the replacement LED lamps too. They make them where you can just screw in a replacement LED lamp, or, remove the ballast wiring (Usually can't remove the ballast, it is part of the fixture housing) and connect straight to power/neutral leads. The lamps are pretty...
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    Settle this…

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    Biden watch check

    The ceremony wasn't about Joe, or honoring his Son. I have empathy for his loss, no body should ever have to go thru that, but this day was not about Joe's Family, it was about the young Men and Woman, and their Families. Let alone, I don't buy this excuse...
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    RIP: 12 US Servicemen were killed today at Kabul Airport

    Rest In Peace and condolences the Families. I'm sure I'm not the only one to read these memorials with misty eyes and a lump in my throat.....
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    RDP crowd and Sturgis this year

    Our first time to Sturgis. Super excited, leaving tomorrow afternoon. Arrive at Elkhorn Lodge in Spearfish on Sunday, site 11. Gray F-250, white/blue 23' toy hauler, copper/black Roadglide. Hope to meet some of you guys up there. Safe travels to everyone.
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    FUCK! RIP Dusty Hill 😢

    What a bummer. RIP Dusty. Was looking forward to you guys in Sturgis. Thanks for the great music and memories.
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    Last day....thank you RDP!

    Congrats and Thank You Sir. Best of luck on your next chapter.
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    AZ Peeps, Be An Auditor ASAP

    Thanks Reg, both myself and my Wife just signed up. Spread the word!
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    Ascot Raceway

    If I remember right, that was on closing night?
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    Ascot Raceway

    My favorite place on earth as a kid. Anybody remember the Sprint Buggies on Thursday nights? James Gardner, Rick and Roger Mears, Doug Fortin Sr., etc. My earliest memories, parents said I was 3 years old. My Dad's buggy club got invited to drive around the track during intermission. I rode in...
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    Public Health and Guns

    Thanks RJ, appreciate the comment and you stating you are not interested in stripping us of our right is real stand up. I too have interests in reducing senseless gun violence, or violence of any kind. I don't have a good answer either. Unfortunately, I don't believe the people we all have...
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    Public Health and Guns

    Thanks Squeeze. I appreciate your points. It is all in perspective, and we are all entitled to our own thoughts and beliefs. Maybe I missed my point. Sure wouldn't be the first time. Things get lost between the brain and the fingers when I'm typing. So I'll clear this up a little better from my...
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    Vaccine: wtf

    Population control?...... 🤔 Wife scheduled her yearly breast exam (Guess mine aren't good enough). First question, "Have you had the COVID vaccination?" Replies with no, and the receptionist says "Great, I'll go ahead and schedule that exam". She goes in today, and the Doc asks the same...
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    Public Health and Guns

    RNJ, I'll take a stab at this since you asked nicely. As a staunch supporter of the 2A, and a responsible gun owner with a passion for my hobby, todays WH announcement does not really affect me. But the comment of a "small first step" is very alarming and concerning, as you are applying that...
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    Then the fight started..

    Walked into the bedroom last night, and my Wife is rubbing Coco Butter on her breasts. I ask what's going on, and she replies "I read in my magazine today that rubbing Coco Butter on your breasts several times a day will increase their size" I watch for a few seconds, then ask her "Why don't...
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    Could not be more proud.!!🇺🇸🇺🇸🇺🇸🇺🇸 America..!!!

    Congrats, certainly a lot to be proud of. Please thank her for her service. We will keep her in our prayers.
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    Now that Biden is Your President.

    Pretty much what I have tried to convey. Hatred has devoured all reasonable thinking. We went on about hatred for Trump and little else, because the hatred is all the liberal side can talk about. What did Trump do that directly impacted your life style? I asked this question in another thread...
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    Ssooooo.. how’s everyone else getting along

    Thanks Regor, appreciate the reply. I am on board with your comment, I do know what is in store from the other side. Do not plan of rolling over, and I realize the fight is real. Just hoping for the sake of sanity, the hatred can be replaced with rational thinking. I know...I know...wishful...