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    Black Friday deals

    I hope you cleaned the glass shards out of them before you wrapped them up!!!!!! ;)
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    7.3 Powerstroke - Runs one minute and dies

    When I and many friends plus two BIL's had the 7.3's we all carried a CPS and 10mm wench in our glove boxes. I changed one out about 30 miles from home one Sunday afternoon. We also changed out another 25 miles off the pavement while at elk camp one year. We also carried a bunch of tranny fluid...
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    Sedona Trip

    Saw a blurb on the TV last night about the residents getting a little hot under the collar about the invasion of SXS's up there. Won't be long before all that money sends them packing.
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    Raymond Beadle

    Spent many, many nights at the dragstrip and a WHOLE lot more at the Moto-X track!!! Lived right up the road in Tustin.
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    Boat was not getting gas to engine

    VERY common mistake on older outboards!! OEM's very often put many carb kits into the all-in-one package and sell them that way. It's the fixer's responsibility to verify what gasket goes where. I was taught about a 100 years ago to match every gasket with the old if possible holding them...
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    Alec Baldwin

    Sorry Dan, but you know being a gun owner, that is a pile of garbage. Manuel hands Pedro a shovel, Pedro hits Charlie over the head with it and it's Manuel's fault??????????????????????
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    60 Minutes Sunday Evening will be Lake Mead water drought

    I used to look forward to watching it back in the mid-70's and then BLUE took over!!!!
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    Alec Baldwin

    Same here Tank with ALL respect, the last person to touch the gun is the responsible person, that would be Baldwin. One of the first rules of gun safety. If he did not clear the gun or press check it for live, hot, he is the one and only person who fucked up. I don't care who you are. If he had...
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    60 Minutes Sunday Evening will be Lake Mead water drought

    You don't think there's going to be an ounce of truth to that show do you????? "come on man"
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    60 Minutes Sunday Evening will be Lake Mead water drought

    Some of you suckers that have never met Steve need to keep your fingers off the keyboard about Ole' Steve, he knows his shit and isn't about to live the lifestyle he does by being stupid!!
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    Alec Baldwin

    I agree with you 100% and I want to be clear I was NOT burning him down one bit as a liberal, anti-gun POS. As said before it doesn't matter to me who puled the trigger, heck it could have been God but he who did is guilty plain as day and should be in jail awaiting execution right now. There is...
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    Advertising and "pandering" to certain groups , I dont get it

    Long live Uncle Ted!!!!!!!!!!!!!
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    Kingman AZ ??

    Yep and I wonder how many of these BS experts get out of their Orange County mansions to even see how it really is. I won't be alive to see how they are going to live when retired but I'd sure like to.
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    Tooth Ache

    Have for about 15 years. My dentist down there is GREAT.
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    Alec Baldwin

    Damn right!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!! Clear the F'n gun!!
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    Alec Baldwin

    Thank You!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!
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    LAX Long term parking

    The hotel deal works out great. The wife and I use Southpoint when we fly out of Vegas. Their shuttle service is great but I believe the last run on the way back stops at 9pm. I'd do the hotel in a heartbeat that early in the am.
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    Alec Baldwin

    I'm not flaming Baldwin at all. Hell I've not stepped foot into a movie theater in over 30 years, fuck them people. I could give a flying F if it was DJT or Jao Biden, my bitch is, RULES were not followed and two people were hurt and one died and it is nobody's or anything's fault but a dumbshit...
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    The Trump Curse Strikes Again

    EXACTLY X1000 !!!!!!!!! First rule of gun protocol !!!!!!!!!!!!! The gun didn't do a DAMN thing except it's job, it's nothing but a tool! Can you throw a hammer at person and not hurt them, how about smacking them with a shovel!!!! The guy is a murderer, plain and simple.
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    Knock Knock.. Housekeeping Again

    I know exactly what it means, I just threw it out there to see if I could start something down here in the dungeon. BTW, how's RD doing?