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    Jack Dorsey steps down

    So, he's been essentially cancelled by the left or he's bailing because he doesn't agree with the sensorship that's happening?
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    Omicron was first reported in July, I guess they decided it wasent time yet to "release" it.

    In the "botswanna"thread here someone posted a tweet sent out by the Prime Minister of So. African (S.A.) saying the moronic....um, I mean omicron variant is very very mild...... As in no big deal. 40% unemployment and $2/litre fuel is their problem but covid is not a problem for them.
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    What's the scoop! (DOG FOOD RECOMMENDATIONS)..

    Me too. Very good quality products.
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    RV trlr pricing

    You don't really but you can get an idea by looking at the frame, suspension etc. The 6 torsion axles and chassis is exceedingly clean for a 20 yr old rv.
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    RV trlr pricing

    Good to know thx. This one was delivered from Florida to Outdoor Resorts Palm Spring 1/3/2003 when it was ordered new and has been in the same spot since. Still sitting on the original tires I believe.....and their holding air too.
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    RV trlr pricing

    A perfect example of " you make $ when yo buy it (right$$) you realize it when you sell it......nice work Rondog...
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    RV trlr pricing

    "When the student is ready...the teacher will appear" lol Have I been a good student? That's a first...lol Now then, you clowns have anything useful to add? :D:D Asking for......my dad. Haha
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    RV trlr pricing

    For those that have been in the market for used rv's, 5th wheels etc. What have you been experiencing in relation to NADA guide pricing? Is nada pricing accurate for the market, low, high? I'm trying to price a 5th wheel for my dad's Roylas International trlr. It's a 2002 yr, mdl- RW3842 triple...
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    Cougar Fifth Wheel F/S. Price Drop/Update

    @LazyLavey Just a fyi...the posting shows as expired when I clicked it.
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    Powerboating in Idaho?

    @Rattle Can Lou, he and his family and friends have great times up there w/drives and others. Maybe he or someone they play with will chime in. Some pretty big/nice lakes from what little I understand of it.....beautiful areas.
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    best buy cares about your feelings!

    Guud gawd what the hell was that crap? Do these fukin people have emotional brakedows tieing their shoes n the mornin? If this is the future were sooooo fuked...
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    3rd night of Looting in Bay Area

    I hope like hell this place burns to the ground (preferably w/her in it) the day she takes legal ownership.
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    The Annual Day Before Turkeyday Get Together

    Right on....looks pretty ideal at this point. Thx for the update.
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    Trailer Rebuild

    Pretty vague quedtion to provide much if any real help. Some pix of said trailer and your goals would go a long way to providing real assistance. Good luck, they get solid reviews on here and the pix of their work I've seen posted here look good too.
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    Parker Hotel Recommendation

    From what I've observed "boat parking" there is mostly accross the street in the dirt lot. I see many big rigs and lo & high end boats parked there.
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    The Annual Day Before Turkeyday Get Together

    It will b interesting to see if/how any winds effect the circle boat races? They should b pretty protected?
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    1989 CRUSADER

    Looks nice dude. Is that the original interior or a nice resto? Either way it looks really good....Clean 21 hr drive...that's commitment right there..haha I hope it exceeds your expectations. As far as history goes from my limited knowledge cruisader was considered a pretty well built and good...
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    Stucco contractor near Canyon Lake, CA ?

    Good to hear it worked out well for ya FCT.
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    100,000 Americans Died Last Year from Drug Overdoses but...

    Complicit in the genocide he is. I knew 2 of those deaths personally. Sadly, I'm sure there are many more people out there that personally knew more than that. The china version of fentynal is way more lethal all the other versions.
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    2900% ROI

    See Elon, he'll give ya the tip..........