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    Police shoot, kill armed man in Huntington Beach

    @just_floatin this should help you…
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    Which super duty is best for truck camper...

    Pops just sold his 19 F350 with air bags and 30k hitch a couple weeks back only had 4K miles. They loved it with the Lance and towed a flat bed with his RZR or a Bronco. Bobby set them up, and they nothing but good things to say about the whole process.[emoji1303]
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    Lance campers...

    Parents just sold their 2020 Lance for what they paid a year ago. Moving back into a Moho. Had a slide, built really well. Camped in the snow and camped in the heat, they were always comfortable. The only down side I see was really small bathroom and LONG way down out the back door for a...
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    [WTS] Old School BMX Mini’s

    I might be in Eagle Rock next week meeting a client… if that makes it easier.
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    [WTS] Old School BMX Mini’s

    1983 Mongoose Pro Comp Mini all original, no peddles has some rust. $175 (talked to collector put a much larger number on it) 1992(ish) ELF Jr Mini, redline hubs & neck, prolite bars, 3 pc cranks, Carbo Answer forks. Has small dent on downtube $150 Located in HB.
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    Current Situation - a picture thread

    Absolutely, when I’ve turned my AC on for a total of 12 hours all year.. I’ll put up with the extra $10 at fill up.
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    Luxury Vinyl Plank Flooring Question?

    He found it online and remember him saying flooring 101 as well. I believe it was BelAir, Rocky Mountain WCP. When this stuff first came out they didn’t have boards longer than 4’, I like that they’re making more random sizes now. As stated before prep is king, longer boards mean more prep time...
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    Luxury Vinyl Plank Flooring Question?

    Neighbors in HB just did their entire house in it. Really surprised how nice is looks, feels and sounds. No cheap “hollow click” you get from other floating floors, really sounds solid. I recently installed glue down engineered oak floors and they look and feel almost identical…. Almost. My dad...
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    Drove the new Bronco today...

    Wasn’t that a known issue which is why they’re offering free sound deadening liner now and giving those that paid for it a rebate?
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    2017 F250 Lariat No Longer for sale

    If you really want it gone put it on Offroadloans.com I sold a 2019 F350 Lariat for WAY more within 24 hrs. I think your price is right in line with the current market. Yesterday’s price IS NOT today’s price.
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    Anybody in line waiting for their NEW Bronco?

    I hope you’re right!!! Wasn’t trying to be a dick just thought it was odd as well. I received an email about the free sound deadening due to the hardtop issue, I’m in no hurry so, free $500 upgrade I guess?! Edit: just received his response and as usual clear as mud. "If it's available we'll...
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    Anybody in line waiting for their NEW Bronco?

    Just emailed Mike Mamic over there to double check… earlier in the year he said no XPlan. I just went on our Ford site and only the Bronco Sport is listed under the xplan. I hope they change this for 22 as mine most likely will end up being a 22 model.
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    Anybody in line waiting for their NEW Bronco?

    You must have an A,Z or D plan those qualify, just followed up with my contact and was hoping I got bad info… NO x plan for 21 Model year. A = employees Z = retired employees D = dealership
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    Investment ideas with 100k…

    He did bet a hedge fund manager $1 million on it![emoji6]
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    Converting a MCI bus into an RV...

    You home yet? Looks like some drama in your track!!! Swat, county heli, Multi-casualty Incident!!?? Saw it in the HB community forum and thought of you guys… hopefully you’re sipping Colorado Coolaid by the water still [emoji6] Update: Buddy is HB Det, multiple shot while serving an eviction...
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    Anybody in line waiting for their NEW Bronco?

    What dealership? I get X-Plan as well and was told by Robinson Ford in Costa Mesa Broncos don't qualify? Sent from my SM-G970U using Tapatalk
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    Anybody in line waiting for their NEW Bronco?

    So did I [emoji6] Not in a hurry, they keep sweetening the deal with more free add-ons. Plus when you reserved one you locked in the price which is 500 over MSRP.. I know guys that already have theirs but it's the base model. I want the 3.5L and painted hardtop and those will be a 2022 model...
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    Great threads from the past

    He’s had at least 3 screen names that I remember… never understood why members change their names. You eventually find out so what’s the point? Except for Grads2009, that shit was funny…
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    Huntington Beach restaurant calls for only unvaccinated diners

    This “victim of covid” was waiting all night to be interviewed about administering “vaccines”, can’t believe the news crew didn’t wake him for comment?!