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  1. Riverfamlee

    Just found the best ugly sweater ever!

    Saw this on IG. Pretty damn funny
  2. Riverfamlee

    PSA New style Silverado’s rear window leak

    To go along with the transmission thread, if you have the power slider back window check them for leaks. Was washing ours and noticed some small drips on the inside far left and right sides. We usually go to the car wash and I don’t think you would ever catch it since they clean the inside...
  3. Riverfamlee

    Speed of sound - Get well soon!

    Just saw on Michael’s IG that he suffered a heart attack. Get well brother. Send some well wishes his way. He’s a pretty good dude.
  4. Riverfamlee

    RDP threads in the year 2050

    Get your crystal ball out. What will be the hot threads in 2050? “The new merc 1550 outboards” “No gas powered boats on the California side” “Sundance for sale again” lol
  5. Riverfamlee

    What's everyone doing with their pups on the 4th? Bill Cosby them or not?

    Well at least the 1st part Bill's recipe 🤣 (I hope) Our dog freaks out. Just went to the vet and got some sedative's . The ones we had last year didn't do anything so I was stuck inside dog-sitting. So far this year seems a little quitter then other years in our area. What's everyone doing to...
  6. Riverfamlee

    What is the reason someone can never come on your boat again?

    Saw this on IG- could get interesting
  7. Riverfamlee

    Peacock float -Free to good home

    Got one of those big ass peacock islands that needs a new home. He or she had a small hole last year that I patched and then put it away. So it should be good to go. It has a carry case too. Pick up in Covina or we will be in Havi Sat-weds and pick up there. If no takers you will probably see...
  8. Riverfamlee

    DMV drive test examiner just yelled at me !

    So my office is literally next door to a DMV so I scheduled my boys upcoming test there. Figured I would bring him with me and let him go take his test which is next week. Today at lunch I thought I would go and check out the route. Perfect timing I see the examiner get in the car so off we go...
  9. Riverfamlee

    Cool tow n boat combo on the 57 freeway

    Saw this set up on the way home. Pretty cool. Imagine that’s how it probably was back then.
  10. Riverfamlee

    Trump memorabilia- what ya got & what ya keeping ?

    Let’s see some Trump memorabilia that you are keeping. DO NOT MAKE THIS POLITICAL! Simply post some of the shit you are keeping and why, For me, I’ve always been into diecast and it’s about 95% Hot Wheels. So when I came across this I had to have it. If you don’t know, there are some amazing...
  11. Riverfamlee

    RV storage, Stolen Cats x 10, Need a RV muffler shop in the SGV

    So, we go to check on the old moho thats in storage in Glendora RV Storage. We wanted to drop some supplies off and start it since we hadn't used it since Thanksgiving. Start it up and it sounds like a Nascar, I immediately knew what was since they got my truck several years ago. I check a few...
  12. Riverfamlee

    Anyone ever google space movie 1992 ?

    Heard it on the radio today 🤣
  13. Riverfamlee

    PSA 1-877-Kars4Kids

    If you ever hear this jingle coming on -TURN THE CHANNEL, CHANGE THE STATION! 2 days now and still have that stupid Jingle stuck in my head 🤣
  14. Riverfamlee

    Who would you ride with- Ken Block or Travis Pastrana

    So bored watching videos and this question came up. IF you had a choice who would you ride with? Ken Block or Travis? I think either one would scare the shit out of me but I’m thinking Ken. He doesn’t crash as much.
  15. Riverfamlee

    What’s the scoop on the Nautical ?

    Wife sent this from their FB
  16. Riverfamlee

    Poll worker caught filling out ballot

    https://www.instagram.com/reel/CHO0ZbsALT1/?igshid=1tm8jvjlzkv93 Buddy just sent me this.
  17. Riverfamlee

    Planned protests - Here we go

    This shit will only get worse under Biden. You think the BLM shit is bad now, just wait. Look at the bottom one "Protest against Trump or Biden" 🤣 What is wrong with people.
  18. Riverfamlee

    If Trump looses, Trump 2024?

    Could he run in 2024? Would he? That would be pretty badass
  19. Riverfamlee

    Costco, Sams, Both or neither?

    What do you have and why? We had both for a few years and the last 3 or 4 years just Sams. I liked being able to get in early. However , we recently went to Walmart (and I HATE Walmart) but I was like WTF? They had a lot of the same shit as Sams at the same price or even cheaper. Beer being...