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  1. NicPaus

    Tesla 12V Battery

    Besides the dealer. Anyone know where to buy 1 tomorrow. It's dead I got it out but nobody has 1 at local auto parts. AtlasBX 60B19RS is the model. Part number 1046200-10-C. The main battery was charged yesterday. Today I had to YouTube how to open the hood to gain access. Thanks
  2. NicPaus


    At the stone yard in Anaheim and they have these slabs at a blow out price. Seems like the only travertine being used these days is the pavers for pool decks. For $150 a slab someone on here might want to use them in there backyard BBQ area. They have a lot of them to get rid of.
  3. NicPaus

    [WTB] WTB Chevy 2500HD factory rims tires

    Looking for a set of take off rims and tires for a Chevy 2500HD. Prefer Michelin tires. Need to fit a 2016 2500 HD. Closer to Torrance CA The better.
  4. NicPaus

    Willie B Bear Fire

    You in N Hollywood? Just got a alert on my phone. Berry Creek gone. I know my Uncle has been staying in Chico at his GF house. His house in Berry creek most likely gone.
  5. NicPaus

    EZGO differential repair

    The rear differential on my cart went out this morning. The clutches seem to engage fine cart wont move when the secondary clutch is turned just spins as if in neutral. Checked shifter cable and neutral position, forward and reverse all seems normal. I was going about 3-4 miles an hour and it...
  6. NicPaus

    New GMC HD test drive

  7. NicPaus

    Active shooter Del Amo mall

    Customer is on lock down at the mall. Active shooter in Macy's. Headed back towards job site by there now.
  8. NicPaus

    HVAC inspection issue

    Have a another inspection tomorrow. Inspector claiming install is incomplete. Wants the white coupling connected out roof or to a concentric vent. My HVAC Guy says no need it is drawing the combustion air from attic. Held up for a month now tomorrow will be 4th attempt to get past. I don't know...
  9. NicPaus

    Rattle Snake

    Just had a few ladies stop by and ask if I could take care of a snake for them. Rivergames you in Parker looking for a late night taco dinner. I got the head separate in a plastic container. Not sure what to do with the body. Don't feel like skinning it or cooking it this late.
  10. NicPaus

    Selman Chevy

    About to raffle off this truck at Floor and Decor. Wish me luck!
  11. NicPaus

    CA Throwing away $$

    Public Works redoing the sidewalks on my block. They just poured this last week. Today they are tearing it out. Made them get there vacuum out and pissed them off. They were saw cutting around my new approach to cut out a 60' section. Looks like half the block getting torn out again. They have...
  12. NicPaus


    That was me honking at you. Saw the plate and recall you had a F350 6.0. The RDP hat on the dash figured must be you.
  13. NicPaus

    Copper pinhole leak

    This condo in Hermosa was repiped less than 5 years ago. Already had a pinhole pop. Type m copper in the middle of a run. Here is a look at it from outside and inside. Thinking they did not ream the pipe as they were to lazy to wipe off there flux. Luckily it was over hang under kitchen so...
  14. NicPaus

    Dealership Call Out

    I just picked up one of my work trucks. Chevy offered free oil changes and def top off first 2 years. Def warning came on fast since last service. My other truck identical has never said to add def. So I looked at paperwork and no line item for def added. So I ask service writer. She says yes we...
  15. NicPaus

    Fire Boat

    Had services today for my Great Uncle Larry. Fire Boat stopped by the after party to say farewell to the longest working Chief and put on a hell of a display. Here are a few pictures. I got to sit with a few that worked on it for years. Impressive Boat designed by one of the Firemen. Was told he...
  16. NicPaus

    Roc's Deal

    Was thinking of stopping at Roc's for lunch earlier. Not long after I passed Cook st I heard this commercial and Fire Chief mentioned. Turns out they are offering 2 $25 gift certificates for $25. Here is the link http://ampsca.incentrev.com/category/local.
  17. NicPaus

    Home Heater Question

    Heater kicks on and fires up for 3-5 seconds stops for a minute tries again for 3-5 seconds 3 times then shuts down. Everything appears normal. Says Janitrol on it but looks to be made by Goodman. What type safety switch could be causing it? Something I can test on it?
  18. NicPaus

    Structural Engineer Torrance

    I have a question about a project in Torrance. Existing house putting a addition on the front. The architects engineer (I do not know him) wants the existing house to be completely shear walled and footings under pinned. The unexpected cost puts the project over budget. At this point I told him...
  19. NicPaus

    Pool Fence

    Need to add a fence around the pool at Mom's house. Nieces and Nephews are at that age and Sisters are worried about the pool when She baby sits. What do you have likes dislikes? Recommendations? Going to re-plaster, new coping and tile in the next few weeks. Add it before hand or wait...
  20. NicPaus

    Roll Top Cargo Bed Enclosure

    I would like to add a roll top enclosure with rear barn doors to one of my work trucks. Anyone on here work at one of the truck body manufacturers or own one of the companies? I have tried the local ones by me they do not want to do up fits just sell whole bodies. Here is a picture of what I...