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  1. the510

    2008 - 2010 6.4 Ford Diesel?

    run and don't look back
  2. the510

    2005 Howard 28' Bullet MCOB Mercury Racing 525EFI!!

    seems like a very fair price for a very very well kept boat!
  3. the510

    [WTS] 2007 Howard Sportdeck

    wow.... GLWS
  4. the510

    The end is near.

    O yea he lives to loan his trailer
  5. the510

    Gene of Howard Boats

    I’m pretty sure I bought this boat USED from gene when you decided to sell it. GENE was great. RIP buddy.
  6. the510

    Featured Boat 28 Howard SDS - Mike Moralez

    One day when I grow up!
  7. the510

    Fall boating sucks…….

    o baby I miss those days
  8. the510

    When do you have FU money?

    Haha I stand corrected
  9. the510

    When do you have FU money?

    When you fly private…
  10. the510

    Sopranos fans? today is the day.

    I was not impressed….
  11. the510

    One bad ass Howard SDS

    In another life… or when I’m to old.
  12. the510

    School me On Diesel Trucks

    2021 rams are using the good CP3 again. That’s my choice.
  13. the510

    Sold!! 2006 Howard 28' Bullet Mercury Racing 525EFI Boat Is Immaculate!!!

    Just say sold already!!! It’s killing me
  14. the510

    Arizona Expects to Lose One-Fifth of State's Colorado River Water Supply Due to Drought

    Crazy… it’s going to be interesting to see what happens over the next 5 years.
  15. the510

    Anyone had a boat buyer come back 4 months later wanting a refund?

    People these days….. ignore him. Don’t make contact with him.
  16. the510

    What Have you Guys Done when a Newborn is on the Way? (Boatless or Not?)

    Keep what you can until you can’t afford it or stopped having fun with it. otherwise keep it!!!
  17. the510

    Western States Road Trip

    So cool. We took a similar trip last year! Enjoy and keep the photos rolling.
  18. the510

    Palm tree trimming in Havasu?

    Andrew Hippler is the man. He always made our trees look perfect. X2 landscape escape!