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  1. shreve"T"


    Got the shot and ended up with it 2 Months later, Took 2 weeks to get through it and another 2 weeks to get taste/smell back..
  2. shreve"T"

    Better than coffee for wake up!

    YEAH That would be a huge NEGATIVE !!!
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    Great threads from the past

  4. shreve"T"

    Idaho Shooting

    Absolutely agree !!!! I have been saying this for years now... Video games should never be a child's babysitter
  5. shreve"T"

    Who owns a pre-'90 car?

    Andy Huntamer, Ron Angel and Ardie Thompson
  6. shreve"T"

    Who owns a pre-'90 car?

    I grew up in Ramona, Let in 96 but go back every year to see my parents/life long buddies....Good little town, I did a bunch of underground utility work/construction out in the Estates back in the day
  7. shreve"T"

    Who owns a pre-'90 car?

    You live in Ramona ?
  8. shreve"T"

    Flashlight recommendations? Tired of buying crap.

    Rigid makes a damn good rechargeable flashlight... I have 2 of them and can see for ever with them
  9. shreve"T"

    Fun Weekend! What did you do?

    Italian Bistro 66 in Williams makes the best Pizza I have ever had..
  10. shreve"T"

    Carli Suspension for F250

    I have the 4.5 With Fox's and couldn't be any happier with it...
  11. shreve"T"

    Deviated Septum Surgery

    Do yourself the favor and have it done, I had it done a year ago and was worth every minute of the pain.. They did however have to put balloons in both sinus's about 3 weeks after surgery to correct a couple of issues..
  12. shreve"T"

    King of the square bodies in my driveway

    WOW !!! Beautiful truck !! I so wish I would have kept my square bodied trucks...
  13. shreve"T"

    Expense tracking app

    Concur pretty much does everything needed
  14. shreve"T"


    Believe it or not, it was easier to find Giraffe pussy than Corona Light here in Louisiana recently... NOBODY has it right now
  15. shreve"T"

    Bathroom remodel

    Thank you sir
  16. shreve"T"

    Bathroom remodel

    What is the paint color used ? Love that Gray tone
  17. shreve"T"

    Broken Bow Lake Vacation

    Broken Bow, is Beautiful all year long.. Are you @ Beavers Bend ?
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    Dude has mad driving skills
  19. shreve"T"

    Well I guess it’s that time.. Diesel

    2019 and couldn't be more happy with the new Fords