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  1. Kachina26

    Fuck me. **boating content** 😕

    Happy to hear all are safe, as to the rest, well that sux.
  2. Kachina26

    So.... I did a thing

    One of my favorite designs.
  3. Kachina26

    Airplane on a treadmill?

    I thought that's how Biden answered the town hall question, "boxers or briefs".
  4. Kachina26

    Airplane on a treadmill?

    Ha! That's nothing. Prepare for pages of debate... How many holes does a straw have?
  5. Kachina26

    Thanks Grandpa

    Took the words right out of my mouth.
  6. Kachina26

    Reindeer racing a train

    Crew died at the scene, tanker driver was life flighted out. Not sure if he made it, not sure I'd want to make it given what the truck looks like. Somewhere out there is about 50 photos of the scene. It's crazy how far pieces flew.
  7. Kachina26

    Ungrateful employees

    Give him 7 days off unpaid for Chanukah.
  8. Kachina26

    Reindeer racing a train

    Almost nothing, this propane truck did a number on a UP train in OK. Well didn't beat it, but definitely a push.
  9. Kachina26

    This years advent calendars

    No need for the mods to get involved here.
  10. Kachina26

    I guess the army flew a tad too low for a NFL flyover

    LOL, that wasn't over the stadium, that was through the stadium. Pretty cool.
  11. Kachina26

    Someone should tell him how guns work

    Have you not seen the people driving around by themselves with a mask on? I think we know which ones are the morons at this point. :D
  12. Kachina26

    Giving rides at the 2021 Outlaw Nationals

    I was so hoping to see you at the Enduro, I was going to hit you up for a ride. That thing is bad ass.
  13. Kachina26

    Someone should tell him how guns work

    Lets pretend he didn't pull the trigger (yeah right). You still don't point the damned thing at anything you aren't willing to destroy/kill.
  14. Kachina26

    Great Haulover video

    I love people using their phones, it reminds me to put mine down and take in life. Now this damned computer on the other hand...
  15. Kachina26

    Giving rides at the 2021 Outlaw Nationals

    The reaction portion of the video was great.
  16. Kachina26


    Gnaw on the business end of a 44 mag, many of us would benefit from it and your pain will end. Win Win.
  17. Kachina26

    Great Haulover video

    They came along to finish sinking the boat, but the tow boat showed up and stopped them in their tracks.
  18. Kachina26

    Great Haulover video

    Although I found myself yelling at the second clip. Why do people let kids ride in the bow in these conditions, much less without a vest on?
  19. Kachina26

    2015 Polaris RZR XP 1000

    There was one wadded up on the RR tracks in Victorville last Saturday. Picked a bad place to park it.
  20. Kachina26

    When Libturds Run Cities .com

    I've seen both. They have crews that disable the train by methods I won't discuss and then start opening high value containers and emptying them to waiting trucks way out in the desert. I had a conductor that had walked back to inspect the cause of the stop have a gun pointed at him. Then you...