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    New Jeep Grand Wagoner tows 10000 lbs!

    Pretty Bitchen
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    1965 Glasspar restomod

    So I've been rebuilding a 1965 glasspar avalon for a customer, the first one of these I did was for my brother in law which was a 1960 glasspar citation So from doing that boat I got the referral to do this boat Pretty rough but all there.
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    Still in the Game !

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    D'Cucci Boats

    Does anyone know if they are going out of business or just moving?
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    Junior Johnson Passing

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    American ingenuity

    https://videos.dailymail.co.uk/video/mol/2018/11/20/7429973380389095274/1024x576_MP4_7429973380389095274.mp4 Love this shit :cool:
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    Has anyone seen one of these

    https://m.facebook.com/story.php?story_fbid=345230752885049&id=1800634313391368 Could be cool who knows.
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    Anti Siphon Valve

    Does anyone here run there boats without an anti siphon valve at the fuel tank pick up ? My boat vapor locked on the dam to dam run (97 Essex 454 carbureted ). I replaced my fuel pump and read some where to pull the valves that they are very restrictive and mine are ,you can barely blow through...
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    Boat Windshield

    My old sled never had a windshield but it had the holes in it for one since I bought it .The owner before me took them off when one got broken and the holes have always bugged me. Every winter I tell myself I'm going to make new windshields because there so expensive to have them made and this...
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    License Expired

    It's probably already been discussed but what's wrong with the app? All it says is license expired?
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    This is War

    3j42P0YtBnK81gSd.mp4 http://video.twimg.com/ext_tw_video/885651637741658112/pu/vid/640x360/3j42P0YtBnK81gSd.mp4
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    Anyone know this boat ,I've got a buddy Interested in it?

    inlandempire.craigslist.org/boa/6294694714.html any information would be appreciated.
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    Rebuild a Hemi in 5 minutes

    https://youtu.be/baX5ZFHqWi4 This is pretty cool:thumbsup
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    Cat fish Coley

    https://youtu.be/iaTh-bit4V8 Murica:thumbsup
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    Bullhead City Tube Float

    So this is what was left from yesterday's tube float, what a bunch of pigs :yikes
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    Hunting ISIS

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    special forces

    My son's the second one on the right (bottom row ) Makes me a very proud USCG MSST Dad . Unbelievable what these guys can do and very much off the radar of what most people know, he's graduated Navy buds training, I can't believe he calls and ask me for advice it certainly should be the other...
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    Berkeley jet pump rebuild

    Who in lake Havasu can rebuild a Berkeley jet pump, who's the go to guy? I lost the front bearing on my pump while we're here this week on vacation as any one familiar with one of these pumps knows that's it your dead in the water when that happens the other draw back is this boat has an e...
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    New Trans Atlantic Record Attempt