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  1. Beerme

    Last day....thank you RDP!

    Today is my last day as Police Officer. I am Blessed and thankful for what it has provided for me and my family. It has been a long journey with things experienced that I could have rather done without in my lifetime, but I am proud of why we do it. I just want to say thank you to @RiverDave...
  2. Beerme

    RDP Member Sighting

    What inmate was sporting this fine vessel last week S/B on the 15 in Corona? Were you heading to Lake Elsinore for a quick shake down or speed run? You should invest in an F150 😁
  3. Beerme


    Anybody going to Romano’s tonight for the cover band show? We’ll be there😁
  4. Beerme

    Sedona (Update with PICS)?

    Heading out to Sedona next Thursday with some couples in the Jeeps for a few nights. I've never been. Any must sees (trails, monuments)? Any must eats? My only "to do" is to visit Maynard's (Tool frontman) winery in Jerome.
  5. Beerme

    Anyone play the harmonica?

    Been thinking about buying one. Been watching Ozzy and Jack's World Detour and Ozzy will bring one out every so often and play. Pretty damn cool tunes. My Mom and Dad met in a band. Mom was a singer and Dad played the saxophone. Loved music all my life and have always wanted to take up an...
  6. Beerme

    Radiator Leak on Seneca

    Got home from work last night and the wife told me there was some fluid coming from the engine area of the motorhome. I keep it stored on the side of my house. My last trip was 2 weeks ago when I went to King of the Hammers in Johnson Valley. This was only about a 200 mile round trip and I was...
  7. Beerme

    Fun Desert Car

    Saw this on CL today. Looks like a whole lotta fun for the price. https://inlandempire.craigslist.org/snw/d/moreno-valley-2009-predator-dual-sport/7276948768.html
  8. Beerme

    Green Chicken Pozole

    Ok, with the weather getting colder and camping season here, I made some green chili chicken pozole. It was pretty easy and turned out bomb. I was taught by my mother who never used recipes which was good and bad. Good because it forced me to learn on my own, but bad when people have asked me...
  9. Beerme

    Green pork chili with potatoes

    I know this is a BBQ thread, but i'd thought i'd throw out a good easy Mexican stew dish that is great for cold weather. I have a few pics, but as usual I got distracted towards the end and forgot to take pictures of the finished product. Don't worry, it was delicious. I started with a small...
  10. Beerme

    Ocotillo open for group camping?

    Heading out with two families tomorrow and their website says due to COVID there is no group camping? Anybody been out there lately? Anybody know exactly what this means? I don't want to head out there and set up just be told we need to break down camp.
  11. Beerme

    Hanger Steak

    So a couple of months ago a buddy took me to the Black Horse Tavern in Norco to try a hanger steak. On Thursday's they are 13$ and boy was it great. Tender and tasty. I think they put a teriyaki or soy type of marinade and it was delicious. I've been barbequing meat for a long time but had...
  12. Beerme

    Big Bear Gold Mountain

    Some buddies and I did a weekend trip to Big Bear this past weekend. It was for my buddies' birthday and we all stayed at the Golden Bear Cottages. The mountain had been closed due to the fires and luckily it opened up on Friday allowing us to do some trailing over the weekend. I have a 2013...
  13. Beerme

    SOLD Method NV Wheels/BFG KO2 fits jeep

    Selling my set of Method NV Wheels and BFJ KO2 All-terrain tires. They are 4 years old with less than 10 K on them. 315/70R17 which is a 35. I have 5 of them and the spare has never been used. They have sensors in them. This was my daughter's so I could only find one scratch. 1500.00 OBO...
  14. Beerme

    Plumping question (or plumbing)

    I am doing a kitchen remodel and am putting new counter tops in. Do I have to have the dishwasher vent above the sink? Located in the Inland Empire for code regulations. I would sure love to just have the faucet hole for a cleaner look.
  15. Beerme

    Newport Hardware

    Spent the week in Balboa and took a few boat rides through the harbor. Forgot about all the nice boats. Thought I’d share a few.
  16. Beerme

    [WTS] 2014 Kawasaki Teryx 4

    The wife said its got to go! 2014 Kawasaki Teryx 4. Pretty much bone stock except for beadlocks and a small LED up front. Original owner, always garaged. 67.7 hours and 726 original miles. $9K OBO.
  17. Beerme

    Whats it worth? Ram 3500

    Going to part ways with my baby, 2012 Ram 3500 Mega Cab Dually. Just bought a motorhome and got rid of the toyhauler so no need for it any more. I KBB it and it came back 42-46K for trade in value which I thought was pretty damn high? I only have 41.3K miles on it and am the original owner...
  18. Beerme

    Oktoberfest this weekend. Anybody going?

    Going to head up to Big Bear Saturday for our first time to Oktoberfest. Anybody else going? Do's and Don'ts? Weather should be perfect!
  19. Beerme

    Nitro Rallycross

    Anybody watch it this weekend? I DVR'd it and watched it yesterday. It's pretty cool to see Travis Pastrana continually pushing the envelope on his endeavors. I enjoyed watching it. Those cars are bad ass!
  20. Beerme

    June Lake Loop Trip

    Headed up to June Lake Loop for four days fishing with my dad and son. We stayed at Grant Lake which is where I have been going with my dad since I was a little kid. The water level in the lake was the highest I have seen it in a long time. We rented a boat one day and were hoping to...