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  1. Nordie

    Looks like the Nordie house finally got it.

    I started feeling pretty badly on Tuesday, basically a head cold and really achy. I didn't think much of being achy as Monday I did a vinyl floor at a buddies house and getting up and down I figured that's why I am sore. Neither the wife or I have been tested yet, but I have most of the...
  2. Nordie

    Special Ornaments On The Tree

    When I was a little kid my Grandma Harris was big on tradition and what went on the tree. After my Grandma passed away there was a ton of antiques and family treasures that sat. Grandma always made sure to tell us of all (well almost) of our family heritage. So my grandparents passed 5 weeks...
  3. Nordie

    Never fails

    Any guesses who's car I'm driving this morning?
  4. Nordie

    How would you read this?

    With all of these solar fields that are built in Nevada, the power is all directed to Southern California. Sure they can move it around, but the market power part got me a little. Looks like little Vegas is just a suburb of SoCal. We have endured a pretty hot summer here in Vegas, now we are...
  5. Nordie

    Northern Nevada Roadtrip....

    Last weekend I told the wife lets get out of town. She's never really explored Northern Nevada ever, so I'll be sharing our adventures with you fine folks. First stop of my pictures, (I'll post what my wife sends me later) was Pioche, NV Pretty cool old mining town, some nice shops and a nice...
  6. Nordie

    A California Man Found With...

    Hopefully not a Vin... 300 recall mail in ballots, loaded handgun, and Drugs. https://www.independent.co.uk/news/world/americas/crime/election-ballots-firearm-drugs-car-b1908012.html “Investigators are trying to figure out how the election ballots ended up in the suspect’s vehicle and what...
  7. Nordie

    Hurricane preparedness...

    According to the CDC...#1 bullet point, really? https://www.cdc.gov/nceh/features/hurricanepreparedness/index.html Preparing for a Hurricane Follow these important hurricane preparedness tips from CDC: Prepare for a hurricane: Take basic steps now to ensure your safety should a storm hit...
  8. Nordie

    Dog door material

    For the life of me, I've been searching, but I suspect I am searching the wrong thing. I'm looking for a roll of whatever type of material they make dog doors out of. Clear is preferable, but if it's tinted a little that's fine. It's for a custom sized dog door for a family friend, and someone...
  9. Nordie

    Charleston, SC Trip

    Here in town for a wedding, and holy crap I've never seen so many cops on the road in my life. Should be a good time, pics to follow. Everyone laying low tonight from traveling, and I'm over here like lets freaking party!!!! Also we got in after Tropical Storm Elsa, so everything is all water...
  10. Nordie


    Got an alert that my power was out...oops
  11. Nordie

    Dude got out and walked away!

    This happened yesterday on my project, I'm extremely happy as I had a small crew working a couple hours before just below where this guy flew over.
  12. Nordie

    Demolition Ranch Has Tragic Boating Accident

    Gotta watch until the end lol!!!
  13. Nordie

    Mag Dump

    Talk about intense, RIP Officer
  14. Nordie

    Hey LOF

  15. Nordie

    When your Uncle calls you answer

    He called me and said, "Hey man, I've got an extra opening on a charter boat if you want to come" Plane booked, Islamorada Sunday morning
  16. Nordie

    No F150, Jeep

  17. Nordie

    Motortrend App

    There's a really cool episode on the show Auto/Biography: Cold Cases, on the Murder of Mickey Thompson and his wife. The show takes so many twists and turns. Pretty good watch if you have the App and time.
  18. Nordie

    Trying to blow up PDF drawings

    I'm dealing with some pretty detailed shop drawings and I want to explode some parts of it. I have a wide format printer, and what I'm looking at trying to do is retain as much of the 11" side as possible, but the 17" part maybe expanding it a little bit. It's to help my foreman in the field...
  19. Nordie

    Now I Feel Like Watching Casino

    Look at all of that empty land, and how much things have changed in the Las Vegas Valley. Even the hospital I was born in 1984 no longer exists...
  20. Nordie

    Samsung Dryer Stopped Drying

    Got the infamous beeps in the middle of weekend laundry, Temperature Sensor Warning. Well shit we can no longer dry our clothes. Mind you I'm having a hell of a weekend with Samsung devices, my personal phone (Samsung) got submerged and broke the screen, so that had to get shipped off to some...