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    Natural Immunity...

    Best man at my wedding just got it for the second time. Not as bad as the first. Hee unvaccinated. 9 months between infections.
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    Safety Meeting!! Need opinions.

    The worst is having to pull over three miles after you just changed a tire to stare at your flat spare and wonder well shit now what....
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    West Auction

    The golf course liquor auction is interesting.
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    Any guesses on a correction? Timing and severity?

    It goes both ways. A reduction in buying power putting a damper on demand can increase inventory. How many people are going to be lining up to pay over MSRP on a truck with a 5% interest rate.
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    Any guesses on a correction? Timing and severity?

    I honestly thought the November jump was going to be a market over reaction to the fed pull out and omnicron hype. December's dip led me to believe that I was right. Seeing the bond market over the last two weeks though has me worried. I'm extremely hesitant to give advice on this when it comes...
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    Any guesses on a correction? Timing and severity?

    The market is already self correcting rates before the fed does anything to the interbank exchange rate. Securitization is the number one take out on all new debt. Over the past 24 months prepay rates have been over 30% on most debt classes. This has led to the weighted average life of...
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    Hallett Conversion

    I love the idea. @Outdrive1 had an older one for sale on here maybe 9 months ago with twins. I would ask him for the owners number. Talk to someone who's done it. Not sure I would do it to a boat as nice as yours.... Might be better to go buy a new one from Nordic special built. Or make lavey...
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    2022 Silverado EV

    The midgate bed extension on the avalanche actually worked for long objects and sleeping in the truck with the rear window in and the bedcover on. I wish the 1500 had the option. I don't understand half the performance of the hummer for the same price? For 105k buy the hummer.
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    Joe Rogan

    I have been trying to get tickets to this show. Did you get them when they dropped or from a broker?
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    OK, How many of you played with these as a kid? My mom saved these!

    I gave all my die cast cars to my son he plays with them now. Just set up a bunch of track last weekend and let em run. With all my old ones and all the ones he's gotten for going to the swap meet with me he has quite the collection.
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    Anyone own/have owned a Porsche Panamera?

    Buddy of mine has the turbo. The acceleration is instant and painful. It's tesla fast but sounds good doing it. Great car. The maintenance bill is shocking.
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    Merry Christmas RDP!

    Merry Christmas Dave.
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    Oxygen concentrator need now!

    Hoping for the best for your family Dave. If there is anything we can do please don't hesitate to reach out.
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    This is my new favorite show. Episode two sealed it. Surprised to see billy bob and Hanks. They must be fans of Yellowstone.
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    Fun podcast listen- boat speed records including some Havasu

    Lots of research in this one for sure. It's not Dan Carlin level but really well done. If you like long form in depth stuff like this give hardcore history a listen. I've listened to a few other dork a motives now too and am following. Thanks!
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    Fun podcast listen- boat speed records including some Havasu

    Awesome podcast and really interesting thank you for posting. Talk about a rabbit hole lol. Miss America x that broke the 100mph barrier was quite the machine. 4 V12 Packard motors the audio of this thing running is legit. Beautiful boat.
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    Need Mobile IV Service in the Inland Empire! Recommendations?

    The faster she can get the monochromal antibodies the better. This site will show locations available just put in the address. If she doesn't improve within 12 hours of getting the infusion get her to the er. https://protect-public.hhs.gov/pages/therapeutics-distribution
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    Fun podcast listen- boat speed records including some Havasu

    Looks like a cool podcast gonna check it out. Thanks for sharing.
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    Big wave tow in nazare

    Crazy fast wave. I love tow in. The Best Of The Best From The 2021 Nazaré Tow Sur…:
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    You knew it, and here are the numbers...

    Agreed gas increases are because Biden is a moron and thinks that dependence on foreign oil is a good thing. His latest of signing drilling leases because the court made him is just the latest in a long line of excuses to do the right thing. There's a reason his approval rating is 12.