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  1. v6toy4x

    Its time, Howard 255 going in the mold!

    LOL, you might be right!
  2. v6toy4x

    Its time, Howard 255 going in the mold!

    Got these from Mike today, looks like maybe end of month, , just need to brake away to go pick it up!
  3. v6toy4x

    19 WINGER

    Talk about an "E" ticket from disney!!
  4. v6toy4x

    Its time, Howard 255 going in the mold!

    I haven't heard anything, but not in a huge hurry right now. I will post once I hear something.
  5. v6toy4x

    Uggs house shoes….

    got some for christmas and i love them. All part of getting in touch with my feminine side
  6. v6toy4x

    Phone contacts

    F**k me I just heard we lost one of our retired sacker/patchers this last monday, he was 61 years old That makes it 9 since October 2019
  7. v6toy4x

    Phone contacts

    I've lost 8, some closer than others, since october 2019 and I am only 59, just heard about 2 classmates from Jr High, last night. I delete the phone numbers if I have other things primarily photos.
  8. v6toy4x

    Horse de-wormer, step aside, the REAL cure is here!!!!

    That explains it!!
  9. v6toy4x

    Has your opinion changed?

    I will say when I see some particular avatars I do have a certain taste in my mouth that is based on previous comments. As I am sure my avatar rubs some the wrong way over in the political & covid arenas, we can't all be perfect! Fortunately we dont walk around with our avatars on our heads...
  10. v6toy4x

    Painted canopies

    To heck with the canopies, what the details on the gantry crane I beam in the ceiling??
  11. v6toy4x


    yes 32 years carpenters local 713, just retired at 59 wife has 30 years of 401 at Nordstroms, 6 more years for her to retire at 59 we each have our own roth IRAs
  12. v6toy4x

    So I had my Gall Bladder removed today….

    mine was pulled at 42, it takes me 4 beers after the first to kill the headache!
  13. v6toy4x

    Tired of dragging hitch

    Funny you mentioned this route. We built an equipment trailer several years back, needed to be stout. 3" DOM tubes with 14B spindles, ruff stuff weld on caliper mounts, 14 bolt hubs with GM 3/4 ton rotors and calipers but never could get the surge master to push enough fluid. I needed a brake...
  14. v6toy4x

    Tired of dragging hitch

    So you are going to recycle your truck tires through the trailer, I did that the first round and then found a deal on a new set of actual trailer tires. I stayed with leaf springs because that is what it came with and running the springs on top will give you a fair amount more ground clearance...
  15. v6toy4x

    Tired of dragging hitch

    Must be a thing, several local jurisdictions take off every other fri! I have an electric sliding gate at the top of the grade so if I lower it i have to re do the whole gate. We are moving this summer so it is what it is!
  16. v6toy4x

    Tired of dragging hitch

    I am a GC, not worth risking your reputation in a town you do work in. Now work behind my fence may be another story, but you didn't hear that from me;)
  17. v6toy4x

    Material racks don’t make money

    I want pictures of the shop!!
  18. v6toy4x

    Tired of dragging hitch

    I take the approach that when loaded and hooked up the trailer frame should be as close to level as possible and then match the tow ball ht. to that. I don't have a huge problem with the boat be cause I don't need the WD hitch. Just when I pull the car trailer loaded heavy and the WD hitch. I...
  19. v6toy4x

    Tired of dragging hitch

    That is the best plan if you can accommodate it. My problem comes right at the back of the city side walk so to lower the grades I would have to get an encroachment permit to work in the easement and I ain't going down that road!!
  20. v6toy4x

    Tired of dragging hitch

    Yes Duramax wheels, I ordered 7K trailer axles wider to accommodate the shallow offset and the 8 lug pattern Netted me some significantly larger brakes