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    Big Sandy shoot

    Anyone going this weekend?
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    Thor toyhauler SOLD SOLD SOLD

    2008 Thor Vortex 285Sa Wide Body, Front sleeper Large Bath. New tires, Onan 4k Gen, dark cherry Cabinets, just spent around 6k to have the entire thing gone through. New Awning, vents, Toilet, Bearings, brakes, Gen all redone, new steps, Invertor, Fuel station. Everything works great. Dual...
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    2019 Silverado 3500 DRW lug pattern

    Can anyone tell me the lug pattern? Sent from my iPhone using Tapatalk
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    CDL driver needed ASAP

    Commercial driver with endorsements needed ASAP. Sent from my iPhone using Tapatalk
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    RDP express needed

    Anyone coming from Long Beach or San Fernando to Havasu, Parker or Bullhead this weekend or soon ish?
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    Chevy 8 lug wheels and tires

    Toyo 40" tires with roughly 3500 miles with American force 22x12 wheels for new Chevy 8x180. $4000
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    Priced for quick sale!

    03 infinity 117xxx miles auto trans g37 wheels tires are near new $5000 trading it in if doesn't sell in the next few days
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    Oops boating content

    My buddy sent me this last night. He says he backed into a pole. I didn't know you could do 45 MPH in reverse. LOL he swears he was going slow.
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    Pretty cool project came into the shop today

    So this thing got delivered today from long beach ca. It's a monument for the USS Arizona. They want us to restore it to it's former glory and install it by lazy Harry's.
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    Good dog needs a home

    so this dog showed up at my shop today and I can't keep her. She has a chip but no info on it. She's need a good home. She can sit and shake and likes the car.
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    Where's pokey?

    Anyone seen or heard from him?
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    Better call Saul

    Anyone else been watching the Breaking Bad Binge?
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    Raptor 660

    02 raptor 660 with paddles and exhaust $1700. In 86440
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    Trailer tire question

    What's the expected life of a trailer tire if they've been stored indoors and has maybe 700 miles total
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    Couple BBC parts

    I have a like new spark arrestor in decent shape nothing that won't buff out asking $200. I also have an old mike kuhl dual carb intake plate $50? Buyer pays shipping
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    B20 diesel buyer beware

    So IDK if it's just me but I stopped in Barstow flying J for diesel. All the pumps were changed to b20 I asked a few guys if they had anything special to run the fuel everyone said no. So I proceed to fill up and not even a mile down the road it starts sputtering, goes into limp mode shuts off...
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    Where's the seam?

    I got a few new gadgets to make the seams in my granite tops almost invisible. I'm impressed to say the least!
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    Lance camper

    Older Lance everything has been painted recently and replaced including AC $3000 OBO
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    Git er done (en espanol)

    So I go to a granite yard today and this guy is putting pieces in his trunk :/
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    Yfz drag quad

    10 mil stroker, in great shape. $5500 obo/trade