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  1. Clank123

    Hirohata Merc…an Icon…As Boat Guys what is our Equivalent?

    Got thinking today about all the talk about what the Hirohata car sold for as well as some of the other Hot Rods and Race Cars that have been restored. It is too bad, as boat guys, we haven’t been able to hold on to all those classic River/Show/Race boats from the late 50’s, 60’s and 70’s. I...
  2. Clank123

    1972/2018 Silverado…Thoughts?

    I kinda don’t hate it…I think?
  3. Clank123

    The ROAR of Lions Dragstrip Museum...This Saturday in Rancho Domingez

    If you have never been to the Lions Dragstrip Museum in Rancho Domingez/Carson and are around this weekend, ya might wanna come check it out. The place is spectacular and if you are into just about anything that rolls or floats you won't be disappointed! Details of the Event are below but what...
  4. Clank123

    Now Pop Warner FB Woke?

    I know there are Mercy rules in youth sports, get it, but Football?! A group of my 12 year old grandson’s travel baseball buddies wanted to play Pop Warner this year. After inquiring how to join a team, the “football dads” told them they would need to start their own as they didn’t want any kids...
  5. Clank123

    Witnessed Vote Fraud today!

    I was going to send my recall vote in until I read about citizens showing up at the polls, filling out the paperwork and then told they have already voted. Standing in line today…Lady in front of me hands over her paperwork and is told she already voted! The workers were more than gracious to...
  6. Clank123

    Coolest Toon ever?

    I don’t know why, but I kinda dig it!😂 https://fb.watch/v/x1JOnlJQ/
  7. Clank123

    Bobby Unser passes

    Like him or not, he could drive an open wheel car! 3 wins at Indy and over 20 at Pikes Peak! https://www.espn.com/racing/indycar/story/_/id/31383651/bobby-unser-three-indianapolis-500-winner-dies-age-87
  8. Clank123

    New River V-Drive Tuning Calculator

    This past weekend I was involved with 3 different boats. Figured I needed something to help me make decisions. I’m thinking I should have put a few more “Go To Fox’s” sections on this...
  9. Clank123

    WTB...Old School Turnbuckles

    Finally went through my last set of closed body turnbuckles. Starting a period correct restoration and could use a set of 8.
  10. Clank123

    Nicson Early Hemi Exhaust Manifolds

    For Sale...Nicson Early Hemi Exhaust Manifolds with Over Transom Pipes. Manifolds in Great shape, just need polishing. Located in Carlsbad, Ca. Can deliver to Parker. 350.00 plus shipping if needed.
  11. Clank123

    Fox’s in Style...

    Just finished helping some friends re-power this 1957 23 foot Chris Craft, figured what a better place to run it than Parker. Boat ran flawlessly. Been to Fox’s hundreds of times over the years in just about anything that floats, this Ol’ Girl tops them all!
  12. Clank123

    Was the dark of the Moon...

  13. Clank123

    San Diego Dine In starts tomorrow!

    It will take some time to get staff scheduled, but by the weekend we should see some establishments ready to roll. Try to get out there and support your favorite place when it gets opened up! Was in Phoenix the last couple days and I would guess they were around maybe 25% up and running. Sure...
  14. Clank123

    Vintage 1966 Unlimited Marine E-Boat

    For Sale... 1966 16’7” Unlimited Marine Flatbottom Built by Bunky Muirhead, this boat raced in the E Racing Runabout class in the mid 60’s. For the past 13 years it has run in every Parker Enduro in Division 1 and finished every year. Boat retains all original rigging and has been recently...
  15. Clank123

    How about a Laugh...Replace Fauci with Carlin

    Too bad we can’t, be a lot better off! One of the great Comedic Thinkers ever... Wish he was still around.
  16. Clank123

    Interstate 10 Social Distancing?

    Left Parker just before 7:45 this morning jumped on the 10 at Desert Center just after 8:45...I’m telling ya this is the truth...when I pulled on the 10, I could not see a single car or semi heading west as far as I could see and not a single one in my rear view either! Traffic heading east...
  17. Clank123

    Schiada Guys...Ya gotta admit...

    This is Funny! Just starting final assembly of this 21 foot Rayson Craft for a good friend at the River. It’s getting a pump gas 632 and is rigged like a current day GN boat. Look for it tied off at Foxs by Memorial Day!
  18. Clank123

    Anyone here lose a Hallett Engine cover leaving Parker Today?

    Figured someone not having a good day today when they realized the Engine cover off their Hallett was gone! Found this in the middle of the road just outside Parker this morning about 10am. Threw it in the truck and brought it home to Carlsbad. Hopefully someone here recognizes it! Let me know...
  19. Clank123

    V-Drive/River Themed Clocks and Wall Art

    When I started to remodel the River House I decided I wanted to do some stuff that tied into the lifestyle instead of just sending the wife to some retail stores to pick up the same junk you see on everybody’s walls. So I looked around the shop for items I could use that would be more one off...
  20. Clank123

    1973 Sanger Bubbledeck

    1973 Sanger Bubbledeck Flatbottom...low hours on fresh re-rig...Billy B painted cap...fresh v-drive with Whirl-away and 18s...10.5 to 1 + 0.30 over 454 4 bolt block...ported oval port heads...steel crank...chev 7/16 Rods...Schneider cam...roller rockers...Brodix intake...1050 Dominater...fresh...