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  1. BlowMe

    This years advent calendars

    Well its that time of year again y'all....the boob advent calendars are out. A buddy beat me to the punch with one of them already so I figured I would share the one he sent me and the other one as well. Enjoy the boobs y'all https://boobsadventcalendar.com/ https://boobychristmas.com/day/1
  2. BlowMe

    Longest partial eclipse in over 500 years tomorrow

    The " Beaver Moon " Im hoping to get a good glimpse of it tomorrow. Gonna get to work early and get in the roof of the building and watch for a couple of hours. Gonna be really cold but hopefully its worth it https://www.space.com/beaver-moon-lunar-eclipse-longest-of-century-phases
  3. BlowMe

    New way to launch things into orbit

    Anybody see this? Pretty wild and neat if everything can hold up to those G forces https://www.slashgear.com/spinlaunch-kinetic-launch-system-celebrates-a-successful-test-flight-12699130/
  4. BlowMe

    Local marine came home today

    Rest in peace young man. Thank you for your service. We had a good showing with people and flags all over the highway from lambert airport to the exit in st.peters today
  5. BlowMe


    I absolutely LOVE Apaches. My absolute dream boat right here! https://m.powerboatlistings.com/view/70465
  6. BlowMe

    Badass lake lice

    My buddy Michael that runs the Mississippi with us has a jet ski. You would never know it but it is a beast. You can hear him before you see him and you always know its him. Its a wicked machine that sounds incredible. He kept blowing off his charge pipe last season so this year he hard piped...
  7. BlowMe

    Huge shout out to rob @ lake p.a.l.

    Rob I cant thank you enough for the amazing sunday funday! Im in love with your new place on the lake and your incredible skater. What a fuckin badass boat. Was my first time in a cat and first time in a performance outboard. It is amazing what that boat can and does do. Really opened my eyes...
  8. BlowMe

    Need info. Anybody recognize this drawing

    So i pulled the drivers seat in my boat last night for the first time since owning it and i found a badass hand drawn picture that is laminated to the bottom of my seat. I personally think its awesome and super neat. That being said it left me intrigued and wondering....i wonder how long its...
  9. BlowMe

    That missing 10 mm

  10. BlowMe

    St.louis welcoming committee

    The st.louis welcoming committee has struck again. They also recently came out to my neck of the woods and stole 9 cars between 6 and 7 am last week. All on the same day. I think like 3 or 4 of the cars were recovered by 9:30 am down in the city with the vin tags removed. I cant wait to move...
  11. BlowMe

    Cutting up a ship

    This would be such a crazy experience. I couldnt imagine making that last cut to separate a piece of it. Would love to watch how they do it and what all goes down
  12. BlowMe

    Electric outboard at LOTO shootout

    Says they will be running a 180 horse electric outboard motor at the shootout this year 🤔 https://www.lakeexpo.com/boating/shootout/lake-of-the-ozarks-shootout-to-be-a-testing-ground-for-brand-new-electric-boat/article_2fe12628-5a77-11eb-9e5d-2f2c2d3671f7.html
  13. BlowMe

    This years advent calendar

    WARNING!!! NSFW! I almost forgot about this years advent calendar 🤦 enjoy https://boobsadventcalendar.com/
  14. BlowMe

    Unique boat

    Just came across this boat. Wonder if it actually runs https://m.powerboatlistings.com/view/67618
  15. BlowMe

    LOTO Race Track

    For those of you that like LOTO or just racing here in the Midwest LOTO is getting a nice new race track. Looks pretty cool. https://www.lakeexpo.com/real_estate/world-class-racetrack-coming-to-lake-of-the-ozarks/article_3f2b4078-3335-11eb-aa39-0bd36a98fb48.html
  16. BlowMe

    Space launch

    Anybody else watching the space launch today
  17. BlowMe

    Eliminator boats

    I have never had FB so i dont get to see alot of stuff but a friend just sent me a screenshot and i was just wondering what blue boat is getting that badass blacked out blown injected motor and if anybody has any more pics of it
  18. BlowMe

    Fastest cabin cruiser

    Anybody see this? I dont have Facebook so a friend sent me a screenshot. 97 mph.....anybody got a link to it for people without fb
  19. BlowMe

    Stl marina fire

    One of the marinas on the Mississippi river here in Missouri is on fire right now. Supposedly the mechanic was working on a boat on the rack and it exploded...🤷 just what i heard but it looks really bad
  20. BlowMe

    Game over

    @cyclone you just got her done....cant believe that bad bitch is for sale.....😍😍😍 that being said, i cant wait to see the next one and what you do to it. Im sure it will be a killer boat as well. Look forward to watching! Good luck on your search mike!