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  1. ChevelleSB406

    For the Watch Nerds - My treat to myself for recent "promotion"

    Hello All, For a long time I was not paid what I deserve at my company as I grew from within, taking the responsibilities on faith the job title and salary would change, over 11 years they got quite out of synch. I managed to pull off a significant raise finally 18 months ago, and with the hot...
  2. ChevelleSB406

    Has anyone traveled to the UK this past year, Day 2 test questions

    Hello All, I am flying to the UK on Monday for work as I used to pre-pandemic pretty frequently. These days there is a required "Day 2 test" that you must sign up for before you arrive, lots of strange information and too many vendors selling the service. I just wanted to check to see if...
  3. ChevelleSB406

    Cornhole Board Builder No More, thank you for the support and memories

    Well, my little hobby has come to its end after a 12 year run. It started with my vinyl guy who was a very low cost graphic design guy as well calling it quits and selling off his company. I was in search of another vendor that could step in and help out on the design side for a cost that made...
  4. ChevelleSB406

    Cobra Kai - Season 3 Trailer

    Alright everyone, who else will admit they are excited for their next dose of nostalgia. January 8th release date. I can't wait. Its especially going to be good since their hasn't been new movies, shows, or anything for me in a long time so my bar will be at an all time low, and expecting to...
  5. ChevelleSB406

    Referrals for Kitchen Cabinets and Counter tops, and advice

    Hello Inmates, I can see that most in home improvement trades are slammed right now with business, but I would like to get in line in the new year to redo my kitchen cabinets and counter tops. Unfortunately I am not working with a 30k budget, and its just a standard L shaped condo kitchen and...
  6. ChevelleSB406

    Police K9 takes down dude in Corona

    Hopefully not a Vin, but this one is extra good. https://ktla.com/2019/12/20/video-shows-k-9-lunging-at-pursuit-suspect-through-shattered-window-taking-him-down-in-corona/
  7. ChevelleSB406

    Finally Put Some More Shelves Up for the Jack Collection

    May not be a bad ass built in bar yet, but it removes the clutter from everything piled on only two shelves.
  8. ChevelleSB406

    Last of the Christmas Cornhole Orders

    Some of the year end crunch finishing up. Two more sets to finish tomorrow as well. I gotta get clear coating done with the last day of warm weather. Merry Christmas everyone and thank you again to those that have taken interest in my little hobby, the small profits from these are what pay for...
  9. ChevelleSB406

    HEY LAM - New LTZ Silverado, thanks Jason Holley!

    So, I have been playing the waiting game for a couple years on pulling the trigger on a new truck. Last month my GM credit card offered me an extra 3k on top of my earnings to go shopping, but the big rebates were only on the LT models. I decided to wait until the June rebates came out and hope...
  10. ChevelleSB406

    Westworld Season 2, 4/22, Cannot Wait!

    The first season was so amazing, 2nd doesn't look like its letting up at all, 3 weeks away.
  11. ChevelleSB406

    Dale Jr., one last ride with Budweiser

    Pretty damn cool vid they have put together, a shorter version will air during the race as a commercial.
  12. ChevelleSB406

    How to tell if you have posted in a thread?

    On the old site, I believe the dot was blue in color or something like that, is there any indication on the new site?
  13. ChevelleSB406

    My New Kick Ass Cutting Boards

    So I am a bit of a cooking nerd and definitely a film and tv nerd, and in my search for a a quality cutting board to go with my first real quality knife, I came across a dude doing some cool stuff down in San Diego kind of like what I do with cornhole boards. I bounced some ideas off of him...
  14. ChevelleSB406

    Welldigger's Schiada is bad ass!

    Just stopped by for a pick up. Really nice set up.
  15. ChevelleSB406

    RDP express Brea/Lake Forest to Lake Havasu

    Hello Everyone, I am hoping someone can help Keith Willard out, a while ago I built him a set of boards and I have not even made it to the river myself this season, I figured I would get them to Parker for him soon enough. Anyway, no exact date deadline, ready whenever, if someone is heading...
  16. ChevelleSB406

    DCB's in a new video Game, Crew 2

    Looks like a bit of light fun, not a serious sim for driving or anything but I will check it out when it comes out. If you fast forward to about 3 minutes in, its not only DCB's, but a couple certainly look familiar from real life. Arcade style driving game with non real world physics...
  17. ChevelleSB406

    Effin' hate snakes, nightmares for days

    fuck all this shit. :grumble: https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=XTZymwd1LSE
  18. ChevelleSB406

    Anyone go to bar trivia nights?

    I am having writers block right now, the season is starting up again where I host some trivia nights, and am looking for new categories to create questions from outside of tv, movie, us and world history, the regular stuff. That can be the meat and potatoes of a good night of questions, but a...
  19. ChevelleSB406

    Instead of a 12' Schiada.....

    I could definitely roll this instead.
  20. ChevelleSB406

    Fucking Thieves

    So I go out to my truck after shooting pool a couple nights ago and notice the door handle on my 04 Silverado busted out. Bastards. No other cars were hit, just mine, they got away with my toolbox of "around the house" stuff, nothing of value, not my auto stuff, my registration and various...