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  1. xlint89

    Ohhhhh, That's Rich Brian

    Where's It's drag queen outfit?
  2. xlint89

    Why Obey Laws?

    Ammo is expensive. Dock lines are plentiful, reusable, and good for the climate. 👍
  3. xlint89

    The Jan. 6th Circle Jerk

    Go get her. Obviously scaled the bldg to hang the VP
  4. xlint89

    hahahahaha My Sides hahahahahaha

    They're pushing for round 4 while other parts of the world are calling the whole thing off? My GF just pointed out the vax card has 6 lines to be filled out on it. Hope you guys are paying attention.
  5. xlint89

    "I'm shocked." - Nobody Ever

    That look you give as you slowly destroy the best nation in the world.
  6. xlint89

    Remember When All The Dipsh*ts Called Trump An Embarrassment?

    FFS I forgot about those. So many reasons to be proud.... 🇺🇲🇺🇲🇺🇲🇺🇲
  7. xlint89

    More proof the vax is a scam

    I remember seeing a while back someone was offering kids $100 to get the shot. 1. What 12 y.o. wouldn't jump at that? 2. Where is that $$ coming from????
  8. xlint89

    Clown world defined......

    Thank you for your permission, but I'd rather watch you wither away from your severe case of TDS. I agree, it's tough to hold a conversation with someone that will immediately scream you're a RACIST and a NAZI for disagreeing with them. I also read that YOU are NOT willing to budge on your...
  9. xlint89

    Oh well

    Reduce, reuse, repurpose, recycle. Isn't that the battle cry for the climate changers?
  10. xlint89

    Clown world defined......

    The agencies are stuck dealing with it? It seems the BP was doing a decent job when they were supported by our president. Once the turd you champion for was placed in office, BP was severely neutered and we have since been flooded with ILLEGALS. Some who have been deported multiple times, and a...
  11. xlint89

    This bitch is coming unglued.

    So, he's going to run for president?
  12. xlint89

    My opinion of Caitlyn Jenner just went up

    They just want to be able to get married like the rest of us......
  13. xlint89

    Remember When All The Dipsh*ts Called Trump An Embarrassment?

    Restoring dignity to the Oval office. As he eats something from his face, breaks wind in front of English women, and shits his drawers when meeting the Pope. So proud.....
  14. xlint89

    Your Government

    I do, but it was fighter jets and nukes. The F'er threatened to NUKE American people.
  15. xlint89

    The Jan. 6th Circle Jerk

    You mean like calling China and telling them you will notify them if we attack?
  16. xlint89

    The Jan. 6th Circle Jerk

    So Trump will be residing at 1600 Pennsylvania Ave again? I love the woman who tweeted she has had more violent sex than Jan 6th. 😅 😅😅😅
  17. xlint89

    CNN silent as a guest destroys Biden to their faces.

    But. but. but, he ahhh and then ummm.....
  18. xlint89

    Clown world defined......

    The argument is over with the very first word. ILLEGAL What am I missing?
  19. xlint89

    More proof the vax is a scam

    Noted. But you did ask where did he read that sales pitch?
  20. xlint89

    More proof the vax is a scam

    Myself and the rest of the country heard it from Joe. https://news.yahoo.com/ap-fact-check-biden-inflates-011843623.html