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  1. Rayson1971

    Start issues

    I've got a 1988 merc 200 black max. Hasn't running on a while. Changed fuel pump diaphragm. Primer bulb fuel to carb. Will fire with start fluid but that's it. I have pulled all carbs and clean out orifices. Any I deas where else to look. ? Even tried an electric. Pump thinking that the...
  2. Rayson1971

    Stringer wood?

    I picked up a hondo Pantera set up for jet. Transom wood is bad. Stringers have fiberglass separation if still good I think I can reglass them . Good chance I'll have to replace. What wood should I use?
  3. Rayson1971

    Ventura county parents

  4. Rayson1971

    Flatty on the rocks?

    Wife saw on Facebook of a white and blue flatly on the rocks at needles. Anyone know?
  5. Rayson1971

    Love your site but...

    I payed it but wasn't happy and won't do it again 60 bucks for a youth shirt and an adult shirt. Not sure if prices have gone up that much and that the ( new norm). Maybe Its just me butI got more from the desert storm venders for the money. Yall can talk shit don't care just my opinion.
  6. Rayson1971

    Who knows about 5.4 tritons

    I have a 2003 f150 with the 5.4 and noticed it's leaking coolant down on pass. Side near starter. I couldn't get a great look without taking the exhaust off. What are the chances it a head gasket? No coolant in the oil but...
  7. Rayson1971

    WTB Foot throttle

    Looking for a floor mount pull style foot throttle.Can't seem to find a cast aluminum and I'm not set on buying the expensive one . I've looked at supply places and all have push style. Don't want the hot foot. For a merc outboard. Anybody?
  8. Rayson1971

    hydraulic bracket

    Any body know this bracket? I need a pump for it
  9. Rayson1971


    I have white background not black . What happened?
  10. Rayson1971

    No limits to outboard use

    Figure I would put this here.
  11. Rayson1971

    300 pro max mid

    Simple question. Will a 300sx bolt to a 3Liter promax mid and fit under the alien cowl? I'd like to eventually upgrade but I like promax alien cowl and fat mid and would like to keep it.
  12. Rayson1971

    Needles marina

    So I get home from work and there is a early 70s orange short bed lowered Chevy truck in my driveway. Truck has a needles marina snicker or magnet on the door . So I'm curious. Walk out back and my old man is shooting the shit with this older guy. I walk up say hi yada yada yada. Come to find...
  13. Rayson1971

    Gelcoat differences

    I have a 19' mini day cruiser I'm gonna regelcoat. Should I buy the gelcoat with or without the wax. What's the difference and why?
  14. Rayson1971

    Event apparel

    I didn' see the event apparel booth and the street fair. Too much booze or was it not there?