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    Router / Modem combo questions?

    A good friend of mine that works inside Verizon says to get a battery back up so I won't have any voltage drops for my systems, that's a couple hundred bucks
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    Router / Modem combo questions?

    I have Xfinity / Comcast and they always say it's me and not them, they do a router restart from their end and everything seems fine for a while but a short while. I constantly have to reboot my printer and laptop WiFi. When you connect one then the other drops? when I run a speed test I have...
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    Router / Modem combo questions?

    I have been using a router/modem combo for ever but I constantly lose my WiFi connection. I originally had a less expensive one that seamed to work well for a year or so but finally I was having so many issues I upgraded to a more expensive model. This unit seemed to take care of my issues but...
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    What Should Net Worth at 40 Be?

    It really depends on when you want to retire and your monthly overhead at that time along with lifestyle . I can get by on a lot less than 2M but my choices are slim, no new vehicles or major toys but I live in a nice home in a nice neighborhood, have a few toys and can still do pretty much...
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    Yes I have the three still
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    Gauge replacement

    I'm changing out a set of original gauges with a new set of Harden Marine gauges in a Lavey Craft and adding a GPS speedo, not an real easy chore because there is not great access but not the end of the world. Had to make a lot of removals to get to them. It's kinda tricky to line them all up...
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    Happy New Years and thoughts on leaving California

    Arizona is Closed!
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    Jane, You Ignorant Slut!

    I agree, I never missed it back in the day!, Loved the Land Shark, News and many other skits. Now I may click it on until I get bored or don't care for the skit, doesn't hold my attention.
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    "Del Taco" = "Jack In The Box"

    As I get older I find that a quick bite from most all fast food chains is not worth it!, I'm almost sorry every time I make that mistake. The only fast food that I can handle any more is IN-N-OUT, KFC is pretty much discusting to say the least, Taco Bell always sounds good until after the first...
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    Current Situation - a picture thread

    Some of those parts can get a bit spendy without the clocks and such, they all look great!
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    New dog

    Cool dog! Hard to imagine he was on the streets, I'm sure he will be happy in his new home
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    Kidneys won't like that!, I have like stage 3 kidney disease and my GFR numbers are bad from just ibuprofen so I stopped taking it at all, tylenol is better for you just doesn't work as well, I also was drinking a super strong dose of turmeric every morning and that seemed to help me!
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    Boat drags at Wildhorse Pass

    I don't have any problem supporting them if they are there!
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    Boat drags at Wildhorse Pass

    Is it worth driving up to watch tomorrow?, a little help please?
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    Boat drags at Wildhorse Pass

    Any updates? Good turnout?
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    Boat drags at Wildhorse Pass

    Me too!
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    If You Were Starting A Career Today, What Would It Be?? (Or a 2nd Career).

    I would be a congressman, they have a good base salary but the benefits are the key and they don't have to do a damn thing!
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    Yes for sure! the basic skis are close to the same and the two wood skis could be modified to todays improvements or at least close
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    The new Race skis are about $3000 now....crazy like everything else
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    Selling a used 40 HP Mercury 4-stroke EFI motor in good running condition, just completely serviced with fresh 25/40 marine oil, sierra oil filter, mercury fuel filter, new impeller kit, fresh mercury Hi-Perf gear oil, new spark plugs, new thermostat Came off of a Pontoon boat 20 inch shaft I...