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  1. Rivermonster619

    Tahiti Offshore 266 Deck / Cat

    Wouldn't you want to be given a honest timeline? I'm just the pot calling the kettle black... I'm not talking shit on the boat at all, l think it came out great. Even after the repairs and what not... February 29th 2021 Steelernation11 posted some updated pictures of it at your shop. Then lets...
  2. Rivermonster619

    Todd & Lori-New-27-X-Flight

    X2! I’ve always been a huge fan of these boats.
  3. Rivermonster619

    Tahiti Offshore 266 Deck / Cat

    3 months 🤣🤣🤣. I would take this with a grain of salt! I don’t think I’ve seen you finish a boat within 3 months Todd. Maybe a Winger without a motor. On another note, this boat looks beautiful. Just the build time was ridiculous.
  4. Rivermonster619

    Shockwave 28 Deck "Wish You Were Here"

    That gel coat design is bad ass.
  5. Rivermonster619

    Shockwave 28 Deck "Wish You Were Here"

    Can't wait to see more!
  6. Rivermonster619

    2018 Domn8er 22’ Deck

    I'd look into Cheetahs new 22ft deck. Looks pretty killer and a lot larger than most 22's. This Domn8er is a nice boat too though.
  7. Rivermonster619

    New Hallett 255

    Such a clean boat!
  8. Rivermonster619

    Cheetah Boats 26 Wildcat

    You guys are killing it!
  9. Rivermonster619

    Looking for a friend to drive pontoon on 4/10.

    Damn... I missed out!
  10. Rivermonster619

    Question about ceramic coating turning dull on headers.

    I even think it could be the material of the headers. I know for Offroad cars it seems like the ceramic coated mild steel headers dull faster than the stainless ones I’ve seen.
  11. Rivermonster619

    New Member

  12. Rivermonster619

    Havasu welding

    Don at Sand Cars Unlimited is in Havasu now too. He’s a good dude.
  13. Rivermonster619

    08’ DCB F26

    Killer job!
  14. Rivermonster619

    Howard 255 VTX

    I really like the little bit of blue they incorporated in the interior. Attention to deal is on point.
  15. Rivermonster619

    Picked up a bike for me.

    Now they are worth double that price lol.
  16. Rivermonster619

    Can we take this online?

    That makes at least two of us.
  17. Rivermonster619

    26 NuEra Full Walkthru - Merc 540

    This boat is killer!