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  1. J

    Anyone want to boat today??

    Pics of the boat on the water? And how did you like it?
  2. J

    Uses of WD-40

    That's what carb and brake clean are for!! Lol
  3. J

    Bucket list thread(the coolest things you've done!)

    Was in the very front car on the one that shoots you over the edge at an extreme rate of speed. When it dropped(80ft or whatever it is) to basically point you straight at the ground below I thought my ol lady was gonna piss herself. I laughed my ass of cause she is usually into that extreme...
  4. J

    Bucket list thread(the coolest things you've done!)

    I have also rode shotgun in a NASCAR for 5 laps at 180+mph! Also have drove a NASCAR at 150+mph alone in the car, only a spotter on the radio! Amazing experience. My wife and I both! Did all the rides at the top of the stratosphere. Not sure how many stories that is but its alot! Sorry I'm...
  5. J

    Uses of WD-40

    It also does well removing oxidation off paint. WD-40 and 100mph tape(duct tape) 2 of the greatest inventions!
  6. J

    Uses of WD-40

    I can verify the "spray on fishing lures" living in the PNW all my life I have a can in every tackle box!!
  7. J

    Anyone use Desert Storm Pools?

    Holy moly .. hows it going stranger?? Hopefully all is good!! Sorry I have no pool input..lol
  8. J

    What’s it worth???

    I'd say $25k-$30k
  9. J

    Today is my Wedding Anniversary!

    "Still see her from time to time.." Delete post before this ends up your last anniversary thread!! Lmao Congrats by the way!!!
  10. J

    So what should I ask for this??

    Sounds like a good ? For @lake p.a.l.
  11. J

    Crime scene on 95 cat tail turnoff

    A double agent that promotes METH and smokes LSD 🤔 fuk people are dumb. I talked to him right before he passed and he told me to let you know, "you're holding the gun backward, you need to turn it around."
  12. J

    Dayum hot mom and daughter

    Was it accompanied by techno music?
  13. J

    Ontario to Havasu

    Ohh FFS...
  14. J

    Ontario to Havasu

    Sounds like exactly what I would say.. Your attitude is amazing!! LOL
  15. J

    RD sux sighting

    Who ever it is.. he is a "firefighter".. just a guess..lol
  16. J

    Ontario to Havasu

    Pics of "whatever they do"... just sayin! Lol
  17. J

    Bringing some Facebook to Rdp

    @shintoooo after a meat run??
  18. J

    Favorite night time snack

    "After shower" hell that takes away the fun! I'm going with, after the ol lady has a hard sweaty workout! Haha
  19. J

    Mission Motorsports SoCal Closing?

    The problem is everyone beats up the dirtbike/atv/sxs dealers. Whether is purchasing new, service, performance (especially performance and service), ect.. then wonder why they go out of business. It's a hobby and EVERYONE wants the best deal. Makes it hard to keep the doors open. JMO
  20. J

    Favorite night time snack

    "Special" cookies my wife makes... makes me sleep through the night!