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  1. 78Dimarco

    Baseball card collection.

    I have a shit load, full year sets but the real money is in the old stuff from the mid-70's on back. I used to put them on my bicycle with cloths pins to give that zoom zoom sound. Then in the 70's I sold my box full from the 60's at the swap meet for peanuts... there was likely some good shit...
  2. 78Dimarco

    DVR Security System Questions

    It should be the Blink xt. Damn auto correct....
  3. 78Dimarco

    DVR Security System Questions

    You may want to consider the Blink AT system. Cloud based and no fees and kicks ass.....
  4. 78Dimarco

    I-40 Westbound

    Lol, hope the drivers okay, fucks up a lot of folks drive though..
  5. 78Dimarco

    **2019 Classic & Performance Boat Rally**

    Great pics Dave! That's us at the gas dock on the right.... I likely didn't need the fuel but filled and added some Lucas octane boost to be sure.... I think we ran about 120 miles on the water that day... Good stuff
  6. 78Dimarco

    Lake Havasu Custom Canvas (Great local People)

    Thanks for the info. Need a bimini made too, will be calling....
  7. 78Dimarco

    Happy Ending...

    Agreed, asshole deserved it......
  8. 78Dimarco

    **2019 Classic & Performance Boat Rally**

    Looking forward to seeing more video! We made from Parker Dam to the Nautical about 15 minutes late. We caught up at Topock66. Nice to meet Aaron and see his dad Ed after so many years.. thanks Arron for your efforts.
  9. 78Dimarco

    Parker oil

    Its fine. Fill up there all the time...
  10. 78Dimarco

    Schaida baseline upland

    Must have been a triple axle......
  11. 78Dimarco

    Home AC question

    I might take it off your hands. I’m in AZ but will be out your way in about a week. Will that work? If so PM me. Thanks B
  12. 78Dimarco

    HEADS UP!! -- DANGER IN PARKER AZ!! -- (This is Crazy!)

    I was at the river for 10 days weeks ago and a buddy pulled a log like the previoulsly described in front of Echo. About the diameter of a typical telephone pole and about 5 or 6 feet long. So a few of these have made it into the water. I also saw what looked like a tree stump up near the island...
  13. 78Dimarco

    Oil Viscosity and Boat engines

    No, run vavoline racing 50w, had run it in the past but it depends on the motor like everyone says and the specs...
  14. 78Dimarco

    Livorsi GPS speedometer antenna fix for about $100

    I ordered it connected it and it works perfect. My autometer guage has 4 wires and I connected the orange to the white on the new receiver and the other three wires match like colors. Stuck it under the dash and we're good to go. Even recall works. Thanks to all for posting!
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    Nice to see the thread back on top where it should be. I really appreciate your patience and skills. Keep the the project working along step by step. Looking forward to seeing the boat done. I did a restoration too but not to the detail you are and I love it. I think it took me a few years and...
  16. 78Dimarco

    Need to rebuild or replace two Ray Jays 301 E- Who or what would you recommend

    They are T4's but I don't have the detail on the specs. Call Alexi at BOOSTPOWER as he ordered them and configured the system. He may have some info or can help out. They spin up quick and really bring on the boost. I added Turbonetics RaceGate wastegates and had the risers custom made to accept...
  17. 78Dimarco

    Need to rebuild or replace two Ray Jays 301 E- Who or what would you recommend

    I had bought a pair of Turbonetics so called replacements back in 2007, these ended up with leaking seals that smoked big time at start up after about a year. These were replaced with a new set of ceramic bearing models by Turbonetics that are great. They spin up quick and no smoke and bring on...
  18. 78Dimarco

    When Ancestry.com Backfires

    Oh so funny! Could be more widespread than you think.... Great story!
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    Nice work Henry! Keep us posted on progress...
  20. 78Dimarco


    Nice map of the area. I made some additions that should be helpful for newbies on the waterway as it can be tricky above above buckskin if the water is low. Just look for the dark water and stay centered. Thanks for posting Riverson