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  1. racerden

    Leak down test. School me.

    Sure fire way to count out operator error is to relieve the valve spring pressures on all cylinders, hand crank it using a breaker bar until the the leak tester produces the least amount of leakage at or around TDC. It's a PITA but accuracy is highly enhanced not to mention the cylinder...
  2. racerden

    Turbo Rebuild

    What make(s) is it?
  3. racerden

    Keeping Aluminum Shiny

    As for the V-Drive no coatings, they look good however they're great at retaining heat. Either polish away (ugg) of leave it cast. Plates get lot's of friction and sunlight exposure, anodize works well (for awhile) coatings like porcelain (i/e headers etc) and others has been proven more...
  4. racerden

    The D21 shaft log and rudder log is positively the best. I finally replaced the shaft log after...

    The D21 shaft log and rudder log is positively the best. I finally replaced the shaft log after years & countless hours of operation (front bearing failure) that was caused by my V-drive output shaft wear/wobble. Darren does make a service kit however it's a no brainer t replace the unit...
  5. racerden

    Schiada’s on the Strip!

    I'm in
  6. racerden

    Aluminium heads on Mercruiser 454

    Historically if you are going from closed chambers you'll loose some compression due to the open chamber configuration and gain power on the big end. But that's just a simple equation from experience on a NA engine. Like the others say, there's a ton more to factor in.
  7. racerden

    New 174Ph Propshaft - 1.125

    72" blunt end key way to end of taper key way BFN shaft. Common length for 20-21' $ 400 to the first taker. SoCal located, pickup only. 323.864.5419..Denny
  8. racerden

    502 Roller break in

    wasthatguy's 100% correct
  9. racerden

    Marinizing Aluminum heads

    Texasjet hit the nail on zee head; block drains flat get it done not only for the heads but just 'bout everything else that will alkali up (manifolds, intercoolers, lines etc). Been doing it for years with very positive results. Hint- Use SS line extensions from the block, bushing up the OEM NPT...
  10. racerden

    Gen v water passage block offs ?????

    I agree with Barry. Some condensation hanging around the back sides of the valve covers especially with engines that do run cool and don't get OT up often (200F+) can be normal especially in non NA engines. I wouldn't pass it off as condensation either. 197
  11. racerden

    Carb icing

    What they are probably talking about is the carb bowls frosting up. Older Race Aero carb bowls were plumbed with inlets/outlets where some ran engine oil lines to them. Thinking was to either heat the mixtures before entering the TC's or use it as a sort of remote oil cooler. Either way it's not...
  12. racerden

    Alternator help

    Been using the Summit G1667a (100A) for years. Good quality, chrome, won't break the bank. Best of all it's just a (1) wire hook-up (Large 12+V). It energizes with RPM over 1-1,200. Being in a V-drive race boat and semi-close to the bilge (water), when it gives up I don't bother rebuilding it...
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    Anyone hears when/if there will be a memorial please post it, thanks all. Denny
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    What a true 'Good Guy'. We'll miss ya Charlie!
  15. racerden

    Boost Referencing Question

    By far the most effective is to utilize the metering plate especially if your 750 already has a side port (as a guide). This way you can easily drill and tap a NPT thread and use AN fittings etc. Be sure to block off the port under the throttle plate; best practice is to use a small set screw...
  16. racerden

    Mercury racing 500HP valve adjustment

    If you thinks that's bad, try it on a TT Race Aero
  17. racerden

    Andy Casale

    Did some biz w/Drew Casale and was informed his dad Andy had suffered a heart attack. A few stints were installed and looks to be a successful procedure. Those of you who know this iconic family may want to shoot him an atta-boy email: casale1vdrive@msn.com
  18. racerden

    Need to rebuild or replace two Ray Jays 301 E- Who or what would you recommend

    I did mine, they are actually very simple to go through as long as nothing has had a catastrophic event. Carson will do them for you as long as: 1- He (and you) have plenty of time and money 2- You provide the parts I got my parts thru TurboKits; get ready to spend a ton for a couple of...
  19. racerden

    Skiers for 2016 Enduro

    CORRECTION Barry- 197 isn't broken, the driver is. Has a meniscus clean-up the week after the Nationals...healing up fine.
  20. racerden

    US Open Nationals Roll Call

    Let's kick this off, who else is in? Hustler Racing Team 197 Mark Clifton Dave Chandler Steve Elliot Dennis Rudolph Michael Nunez Traci McKwen Heidi Hartis Steve Ballard Larry Gebhardt