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  1. buck35

    good morning inmates

    Good morning
  2. buck35

    Uses of WD-40

    Takes silicone adhesive off you're fingers when application goes awry. Tools as well before it gets up.
  3. buck35

    This Gets Me In The Mood

    What channel? Couldn't find it this am.
  4. buck35

    Sledding hill

    When I was a kid we had a good hill . Someone dropped off an old car hood and we'd drag that heavy ass thing up and he then 5 or 6 of we would pile on and fly down the hill and repeat untill exhausted.
  5. buck35

    Good morning inmates

    Good morning everyone
  6. buck35

    That piano must be exhausted after this guy finished playing.

    I wish I could string more than one note together....not a musical bone in my body.
  7. buck35

    Good morning inmates

    Good morning
  8. buck35

    Gonna show shintoooo how to do Vegas

    That clip is hilarious.
  9. buck35

    Good morning and happy Friday inmates

    Good morning all
  10. buck35


    I don't know him personally,but have been wondering if he was ok. He was / is an inspiration for us all!
  11. buck35


    If anyone is lost here i am referring to @flyingbowtie.
  12. buck35


    I only remember Brian and @Yellowboat , being in contact during the little boys tragic thread .
  13. buck35

    Lost another friend to alcohol

    Damn ,so sorry Dave :mad:
  14. buck35


    What became of him? Is he well? His threads/ posts were great, but his health was not so good and haven't heard a peep in a long time. :( There are was an old thread that popped up and he had posted and got me wondering.
  15. buck35

    Ontario to Havasu

    Welcome back, glad all is well
  16. buck35

    Corn flakes and masturbation

    Well, you said a mouthful there!😁
  17. buck35

    Work pics - Germany

    Can not imagine the pre-op checklist day to day.
  18. buck35

    Good morning inmates

    Good morning everyone
  19. buck35

    Cigarette butts

    As a smoker , I field strip them and put them in my pocket or an empty can then dispose of them properly. Not everyone is a slob. :mad: I also see shitloads of bottles and cans floating downstream and that pisses me off as well.