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    Ace in the Hole

    @aceinthehole Found your boat in PA :D
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    Welcome stroked out nemo

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    Guy flips off cops during a funeral procession

    Big news here in Pittsburgh from yesterday.....thoughts? His name and address has already been posted everywhere. I think this dude will be moving out of town soon. :D
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    Big Dogs Sept 9-11th......Gore,VA

    Figured i'd see if any other mid west/east coast offroading inmates are planning this trip. Virgina state rock crawling championships are going down also. I'm towing down from PA and should be there from Thursday to Sunday or Monday http://www.bigdogsoffroad.com/
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    Performance Marine Trading

    First class shop and facility. Everything from storage to service, Powerplay new builds, repair and restoration. Pat Sullivan and his crew really got things dialed in at his new shop! http://www.outdrives.com/ We stopped to look at this 38' powerplay barn find. 2005 with 10 hours. 650ci a...
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    Concept Boats factory tour

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    Go Fancy does embroidery

    A boat like that deserves some embroidered towels to go with that name. :D let me know, i'd love to get it done for you! [email protected]om
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    Winch cable...steel vs synthetic

    Never gave it much thought really but I run a steel cable, always have in my winches. The other day some yup in a jku decided to tell me that i needed to switch from steel to synthetic line. And that i can choose a color (seriously wtf) Is this just another ploy to sell more crap to the mall...
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    Rdp live from the bantam jeep heritage festival

    Its a long haul, but a must attend event for jeep enthusiasts!
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    RDP reporting live from Punxsutawney......

    Will Phil see his shadow???
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    Saints fan gets ball from woman

    Anyone else see this yet? This guy is screwed http://m.nydailynews.com/sports/football/video-man-steals-football-intended-female-bengals-fan-article-1.2013037 Chivalry really is dead. After scoring a touchdown in the third quarter of Cincinnati's 27-10 win against the Saints at the...
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    Honda trail 70

    Anyone into these things? Any good parts sources?
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    3 rivers boating (content)

    The sun was out in Pittsburgh yesterday so we took a booze cruise......
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    Hey milkmoney

    I'm stuck in Telluride, send the challenger to get me out of here! Thanks in advance
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    Info on Bend,OR

    The good, the bad, the ugly? Housing costs? Would definately look to lease something (house) at first, in a wooded area if possible? How is Mt Bachelor? Wife and I aren't afraid of winter, we currently work at a ski resort for fun :D Any info is appreciated! Pm's are fine too.
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    Happy birthday JBS

    Happy bday buddy. Hope its a good one!
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    460 be like.........

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    Who do you not like in NAPA?

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