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    Looks like "RD's Lounge" lol j/k
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    Feature Boat - Bucksin Fire Dept 26 Nordic Deck!

    I'm guessing the exhaust from the fire pump to work the deck gun, possibly?
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    Welcome to the Port of Siuslaw

    Very cool, looking forward to more! Good for you guys to go after what you want to do; it seems like it's a pretty awesome place!
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    Parker Gas : Current Rate?

    Last weekend it was 4.50 at Terribles, Running Man. 4.60 at Chevron
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    Bolt ons (Fake BooBies) from Mexico or recommendations???

    Again... Thank you, and I do appreciate the feedback and thoughts on staying away from Mexico. I think some in the thread are misreading what I was asking, or I wasn't as clear as I should have been. I THOUGHT there were people from here going to MX to a reputable Dr. getting great results...
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    Bolt ons (Fake BooBies) from Mexico or recommendations???

    Definitely dont want googley eyes looking at me. lol
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    Bolt ons (Fake BooBies) from Mexico or recommendations???

    I should have clarified... not looking for a "deal" or to save $$$. I 100% agree that you don't cut corners on plastic surgery or V-Drives for that matter. Just looking for quality that people are more than happy with... we have the $$$ saved for it, just looking to see what's out there that is...
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    Bolt ons (Fake BooBies) from Mexico or recommendations???

    Ok RDP... The Wifey is in the market for a new, 1st set of Bolt ons. 👀 Now that we're done having kids she is ready for a refresh... Nothing huge, I think I recall a while back, some were discussing going to a certain Dr. in Mexico to have the procedure done. I can't find the thread. Have...
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    Still one of my favorites...

    Absolutely loved that boat. I was fortunate enough to ride shotgun in it at Parker... Best 10 seconds ever! Crazy that was back in 2008 ish. Tony built the engine in Larry's old brown 20' schiada.
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    Where's Al Sharpton and all the BLM idiots? Where all the protesters for these murders? I guess it's ok for them to murder each other. Could you imagine if those were white people doing the shooting?
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    Britney Spears

    I still can't believe there is a Brittany Spears thread on RDP that's gone for 4 pages 😂😜 Boat reviews barely get that! I'd still take her to the work bench though lol then run like hell
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    Great story.

    Damn. wow. There is no greater gift, than the gift of life.
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    Who thinks Ghislaine Maxwell is going down?

    Looks like they're going after Prince Andrew now? Hope so, the dominoes are set, let them fall!
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    Who thinks Ghislaine Maxwell is going down?

    Guilty Bitch! I hope this opens up Pandora's box and the political scum involved start going down 1 by 1, and the next person rats or the next... And everyone involved for that matter. Rot in hell. I also hope she is watched after so she doesn't "commit suicide" and serves her sentences she...
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    Anyone do baseball cards?

    Interested as well... When we were young, my dad bought us the first 5 years of Upper Deck complete box sets... They're still sealed in the plastic shrink wrap!
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    Special Ornaments On The Tree

    I bet it's a metal/tin one, on a metal-ish track... Not the plastic crap they sell now. We just took the boys to the polar Express dealio and other things in Williams, Az. To get him excited about our trip we bought a train for around the tree. It wasn't cheap, and it's all plastic. But at the...
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    Special Ornaments On The Tree

    That's bad ass! I love that! We are a younger family only being married 5 years with two kids, 3.5 and 1.5. Our entire tree is keepsakes and memories from our time together and our kids stuff. Whenever we travel we get an ornament, their milestones get an ornament...etc I have a ton from my...
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    Pirate Cove Water Ski Race - March 31st

    I'm pretty sure it was a permit issue with the coast guard, as well as not having enough rescue boats/crews...
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    Just found the best ugly sweater ever!

    Its just missing Beetlejuice (Lightfoot) from Chicago 🤣 and that Gretta girl... who else? Schiff, and many others...
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    Yellowstone, (spoiler maybe?)

    Ooooh.... Good call. Maybe?