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  1. BajaT

    2008 Jeep Sahara (SOLD)

    2008 Jeep Wrangler Sahara Unlimited. 174,000 miles. Engine replaced with dealer engine 20k miles ago. Needs catalytic converter. 16k OBO *NOTE* In running for worst add ever on RDP! Posting for friend. Jeep in Norco.
  2. BajaT

    2017 Jayco Jayflight 212QBW (SOLD)

    Shows new. Baja edition. Used 5 times. 2 T.V.s. 2 propane tanks, 2 batteries. Located @ Parker Dam.....Comes with 2000W inverter generator... $16500
  3. BajaT

    Man in Underwear Scares Grizzly Bear Away After Pregnant Goat Goes Missing

    WTF???!!!! What a headline! Man in Underwear Scares Grizzly Bear Away After Pregnant Goat Goes Missing (msn.com)
  4. BajaT

    Biden's gun plan per news this am...

    Sell your guns back or pay $200 for each firearm that holds 11+ rounds. Register, to include photo. I am sure those pullin triggers in Chicago gonna line up and pay the $200 and register!!! Such a great plan. Really addresses the problem....
  5. BajaT

    2011 Camry LE, cleanest on the planet

    163k highway miles. New tires and brakes all around. New factory floor mats. No dents or paint fade. Thing has 900k miles left in it..... 5400.00 or trade for 2019 Toyota Tacoma TRD offroad! :)
  6. BajaT

    That there is an RV! Little over an hour to go and it can be yours....

  7. BajaT

    Polynesian Shores I river pad and 1/24th owner of lot 1 (cabanas, 7 docks). Take off Point for lake access just up the road

    https://coloradoriverrealty.com/listings/wp_property.php?id=3521 Home is actually 807sq ft not including loft.
  8. BajaT

    Young Girl and the Sea, coming to a book store near you.....

  9. BajaT

    Shitty Sunday afternoon at Big Bend

  10. BajaT

    Breakaway trailer tongue UPDATE

    Good am, Who is the guy in either Parker or Havasu. A sleeve/pin may also b option.
  11. BajaT


    Anyone else think this was badass back in the day?
  12. BajaT

    Want me one of them "low-profile go-fast vessels"

  13. BajaT

    These pics really sell this Havasu pickup!!

  14. BajaT

    1964 Honda CA95 Benly Touring

    Selling for friend......1964 Honda CA95. New clutch cable, tires,automatic starter was rebuilt two months ago and batteries replaced December 2018. Runs great!!! $3200 OBO https://www.motorcycleclassics.com/classic-japanese-motorcycles/honda-ca95-benly-touring-zmmz13sozbea
  15. BajaT

    426 Keith Black Hemi

    Keith Black Hemi 426, Hillborne injection (not shown in photo). Howard 4 seater Shovel Nose Hydro free with purchase! $25k OBO
  16. BajaT

    Caption this......

  17. BajaT

    Blue Bar out of beer!

  18. BajaT

    Perhaps the Professor was not very smart?

  19. BajaT

    "Explain this you son of a bitc......"

  20. BajaT

    Havasu contractor needed for fire damage bid Parker Dam

    River house caught on fire, started in garage. Garage total loss. Assuming State Farm will want local bids to repair, any suggestions that might actually have time to rebuild if house salvageable?