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    94th Aero Squadron Restaurant Van Nuys

    can't place it, but thanks
  2. J

    94th Aero Squadron Restaurant Van Nuys

    i used to go to the shot of gold years ago, where was that cougar place on roscoe... you got me courous
  3. J

    …Latest Roscoe Hardware Fire…

    rosco hardware was the place to go to for things nobody else had and everything else, the owner jack forsche was a pretty good guy , you could walk in and he was usually there.... too bad ,haven't been down there in many years as a kid i used to wander all around that area with my cousins alone...
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    5 blade prop

    I have a 5 blade prop I’d like to get sell That I won’t be using, it was on my boat when I bought it it’s in excellent shape no dings or scratches, it looks like it’s been reworked but I don’t know anything about it $1000.00 or best offer, I will be in Havasu- bullhead the 16th to the 18th of...
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    Inflationary Pressures Got You Down?

    she kinda looks like pelosi
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    Bringing some Facebook to Rdp

    do they go by liter, us gallon or imperial gallon?
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    Bringing some Facebook to Rdp

    let her suffer there a wile , her outlook may change... then maybe to but then again she could stay
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    Peterbuilt sales

    getting a new truck is going to be a real bitch for the next year, a frend of mine a top salesman for kenworth in fontana had the number of trucks that he could sell to twelve untill december when he was averaging 25 a month they are not taking orders as kenworth doesn't know what the cost of...
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    first time i ever flew was from burbank to san diego, I was about i think maybe 9, went alone , but the one thing i remember the most was how good looking the stews were........ unlike now
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    Hunger strike ... "I'll hold my breath till I turn purple !!"

    hopefully thin the herd
  11. J

    The last place I'd swim even if it wasn't polluted.

    for years this has happend, you would think the powers to be could get their act together......they probably let the spills occur so they can save money by not processing
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    Anyone own/have owned a Porsche Panamera?

    drove a base pannamera ..... felt like a avalon .... drove a 21 gts its a freaking rocket handels ,smooth refined and nothing like a base model..
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    AR 15 and Body Armor

    don't forget the movie logan's run.... campy movie but the basic's are there
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    Another JAB gone bad story

    just got word a very good friend just passed from covid his wife is fighting it now, they were both vaccinated.... makes you think
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    Couldnt have happened to a nicer guy!

    i need some mulch for a tree i want to plant
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    River /Lake Snacks/ Drinks Traditions, What Are Yours ?

    coors and doritos..... breakfast of well....
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    Just Another day in Clown World U.S.A

    another example of equal treatment
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    Biden’s announces plan to solve supply chain issues -finally

    just heard from a hunting buddy of mine, he sells on average 20 to 25 new kenworths each month, he is now been limited to sell 14 new kenworths between now and december 2022 and all new truck orders have been canceled because the factory dosent know how much to charge due to shipping delays and...
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    They're Back!

    I remember when you could get the jack in the box tacos for $.14 cents , they were my fav. then and still are , the onion rings were the bomb but they changed them years ago.... now their not so great!
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    Perhaps largest Auto dealership buy out in history

    basicly that is what i was trying to say that in the future there wont be any deal on a new car as the supply and pricing will be retail at full price or better because it will be controlled by a few huge corps. as the smaller dealerships and corps. will be bought out