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    Magnafuel 4 port regulator

    Magnafuel 4 port regulator, doesn’t look the best but still works perfect, bottom fitting is made for a -10 fuel log, can be swapped to a regular fitting if needed…$100 or $120 with all 4 fittings on the side that go to the carbs
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    MSD BBC Crank Trigger kit

    Used BBC crank trigger kit, works perfectly fine just changed to a black one…$435 new, will take $200
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    Who dis???

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    This shit at the grocery store is getting fucking ridiculous, the shelves are half empty and what is there is 25-40% more now…I had to change what I was going to cook for dinner 3 times in the store because I couldn’t get ingredients…anyone who voted for this asshole should be made sterile!!!!
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    19’ Cheyenne Drag Boat

    New project build coming…it’s gonna be a center steer drag boat…19’ Cheyenne, lightweight race layup, big nitrous power
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    Yeah I know, it’s just a jetboat

    But it’s my new one and I’m in love!!!…can’t wait to get started on the new project…it’s gonna be a center steer drag boat
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    Nauti Shine for the win!!!

    Now I’m not one to believe in snake oil products but HOLY SHIT this stuff is good, I bought the starter kit and used all three products and they are all phenomenal, I’ve tried about everyone’s “this is the best” cleaners for a boat and guess what they were all wrong!!!...hands down the Nauti...
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    Soooooo what do the experts around here think this is worth???

    Like the title says what’s this worth these days, I’ve never really considered selling it but DAMN used boats are insanely priced these days...DCB Mach 22 W 280’s
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    Havasu dinner tonight???

    I know all the usuals but where’s an amazing place for dinner tonight???...we were gonna go to college street but they’re closed for a private event
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    Best detailed for water spots???

    I know this has been beat to death but what does everyone use to get water spots off the boat and rigging???
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    1984 CP Tunnel

    1984 CP Tunnel MPD pods Full MPD pump Stainless impeller Inducer Jet away Calgo steering 7AL-2 Ignition Delay box Air bucket Quikdata data box All custom lightened rigging Beautiful boat that really pops $15k (928)446-1791
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    Anyone have a Maserati Ghibli...pros and cons???

    Looking at a CPO right now...it’s a 2017 with 35k on it...curious if anyone has one and if they like it and the good, bad and ugly about them...I know service is expensive but I already got a Benz so kinda used to that already
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    [WTS] 2011 Chevy Silverado W/ 700+ HP Whipple Charged LSX

    2011 Chevy Silverado, has aftermarket Whipple charged LSX, 1938 miles on it, yes that’s original miles...Chrome CST lift with KING coil overs on the front, 35’s on 20’s and comes with a spare wheel and tire, truck is immaculate...$30k
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    So is there any toyhaulers that aren’t complete piles of shit???

    So I’ve had a few and they have all been crap, currently have a 2017 Raptor and is by far the biggest piece of shit I’ve ever owned, I know there all piles of shit but are there any that are better than others...need a fifth wheel with at least a 14’ garage
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    Teague 825 thoughts???

    So I’m an outboard guy but considering a boat with a Teague 825 with 300 hours all original...what do the I/O guys say about this???
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    2016 RZR Turbo XP4

    2016 turbo RZR only 1700 miles brand new seats 32 inch mongrels on method Wheels I have five of them, Baja design lights, cage with lined roof, stage 4 Fosgate system, Spring suspension kit, Tuner, Trinity Stage 5 exhaust, high clearance rear arms, fully powder coated suspension, modquad billet...
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    Soooooo is this crazy pricing trend gonna continue into desert season???

    So who thinks this crazy pricing trend on boats is gonna continue onto desert toys???...should I list my RZR for like $52,999 now or wait???...hahahaha
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    Anyone know this DCB F-26???

    Anyone know this boat???...looking at it for purchase
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    Our Wonderful DUMB ASS AZ Governor

    Look at this idiot on the news right now, talking about masks and social distancing, hmmmmm yet he’s not wearing one and isn’t anywhere close to 6ft away from Trump...fuck this guy!!!
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    Another I don’t get it, Havasu???

    WHAT THE FUCK IS WRONG WITH PEOPLE!!!...so driving up river today, it’s Saturday, BUSY AS FUCK!!!...why the hell do parents tow their kids around on tubes through that shit, what the hell is wrong with these people???