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  1. lbhsbz

    Engine oil filters. To fill, or not to fill with oil on an installation

    I would caution against using anything except for the specified type of oil on any modern engine...no additives ever.
  2. lbhsbz

    auto fold up truck steps. which ones?

    I would just place a hand in a strategic position on/in her ass to help with the embarking effort...much more enjoyable for both parties than some shitty automatic steps.
  3. lbhsbz

    Engine/Trans help

    Stock Stock Stock. I would go so far as to NOT replace anything that's original and still functions halfway properly, because the aftermarket replacement garbage will perform worse (EGR/AIR/distributor...etc)...and likely cause an emissions failure. Is the same Tio Pancho who's jet boat...
  4. lbhsbz

    Engine oil filters. To fill, or not to fill with oil on an installation

    It doesn't hurt, but it's not necessary. There are a lot of engines out there that have gone far more than 300K miles...many over 500K miles. I can almost guarantee that none of these have ever had the filter filled during oil changes. It's something that makes a person feel...
  5. lbhsbz

    Hitlers Chevy

    Thought this was funny
  6. lbhsbz

    Gonna show shintoooo how to do Vegas

    Me too.... this one will most certainly end well.
  7. lbhsbz

    So what you drive does matter

    And it needs a set or Remington tires with the white lettering facing out...then it would be pimp.
  8. lbhsbz

    So what you drive does matter

    A: Dodge Van's were cooler B: Yours would be cooler if it had one of those shitty shaped windows in side towards the back and an old skool limo antenna on the roof C: At least it got slot mags, but they shouldn't be polished...that's just tacky. D: Sides pipes need perforated heat...
  9. lbhsbz

    Mercedes-Benz Tech

    Jack up radiator cap, push out Sprinter, reinstall Ford Transit, lower radiator cap and turn 90°.
  10. lbhsbz

    Corn flakes and masturbation

    Another fine Kelloggs product
  11. lbhsbz

    Well, This Sucks: Cataracts :(

  12. lbhsbz

    Corn flakes and masturbation

    That's not piss
  13. lbhsbz

    Valentine’s Day gift ideas

    I'm getting up in the morning and leaving before she wakes up, then coming home after she goes back to sleep at night...pretty sure she'll love it.
  14. lbhsbz

    JetBlue Airlines

    Everything is great flying out of Long Beach. It ruined all other airports for me
  15. lbhsbz

    RDP Dogma Part 4:

    They get a bath when they stink more than usual.
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    First post since upgrade?

    Is GRADS still here? If so, the update didn’t work
  17. lbhsbz

    Piece Of Top Fuel History

    3/4 cam
  18. lbhsbz

    Will insurance repair or total?

    Imagine they’ll fix that...bed sides aren’t too bad.
  19. lbhsbz

    Garage advice- lifts and accessories

    Looks like the house brand from Greg Smith https://www.gregsmithequipment.com/4-Post-Deluxe-Automotive-Storage-Lift
  20. lbhsbz

    Taxes : I Owe Uncle Sam

    I'm getting close to $8K back this year...which will promptly go to pay the second installment of my property taxes. This was the first year I had an income property for the whole year and also the first time in my adult life that I switched jobs...I went fairly conservative on my withholdings...