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  1. cofooter

    What in the hell is this ...

    Wheeler, thats what happens to shit when it sits out in Bouse, it was brand new two years ago when you parked it there.
  2. cofooter

    Water Ski Thread...

    Cold, but nice and quiet morning, gotta go home to snow tomorrow so we're enjoying the nice weather
  3. cofooter

    First guy to jump off rail road bridge below Parker dam.

    My nephew wnt off a out 10yrs ago, Granpa has him beat by 50yrs
  4. cofooter

    I hate making payments...

    Probably still Rockin!
  5. cofooter

    So what should I ask for this??

    Humor us.…….
  6. cofooter

    Crime scene on 95 cat tail turnoff

    He called you a Chomo...…....redirect him here: www.polesmoker.com
  7. cofooter

    Any New Mexico Peeps

    A river in Kauai.
  8. cofooter

    Havasu Carne Asada

    If you are headed North from Parker hit up Tierra Caliente or Mi Tierra.
  9. cofooter

    Any New Mexico Peeps

    Thanks, Wettr! He's already checked California. He skiied on the Delta with some old timers, but I'll let him know.
  10. cofooter

    Any New Mexico Peeps

    Thanks, Troostr for the offer! Will do!!!!
  11. cofooter

    Any New Mexico Peeps

    Awesome, thanks, Jeff!!! Thanks for reaching out!!! I will give him your number. He's a cool guy, retired, and just having fun. He got to ski behind this 63 Rayson Craft in Kentucky, boat type not too important as long as it can do about 40 and doesn't push a huge roller....................
  12. cofooter

    Any New Mexico Peeps

    Kind of a long shot but this is a boating forum............ I have a friend that wants to barefoot waterski in all 50 states. He's been at this a few years. I met him and pulled him in Colorado last summer. Well, he's up to 46 states now. He's got a pull in Oklahoma in April and I told him I'd...
  13. cofooter

    I hate making payments...

    Gotta go with paying the ex-wife to leave as well............
  14. cofooter

    Corn flakes and masturbation

    Don't do it, your junk will turn orange.
  15. cofooter

    Most viewers on line?

    YOu should start a PoleSmoker section.
  16. cofooter

    Upgraded 2005 Parker Fishing Boat

    Those Makos are great eating, love the tuna tower!
  17. cofooter

    Crime scene on 95 cat tail turnoff

    7th Grade something..........
  18. cofooter

    High Blood Pressure**ADVISE NEEDED**

    As has been said, your diet/lifestyle affect your BP results. Mine is typically good but if I have it measured after a bender, or change in eating habits, it definitely shoots up toward unhealthy. If you really want to know what your BP could be, I'd go clean for a month, cut all of the crap out...
  19. cofooter

    Crime scene on 95 cat tail turnoff

    Right, Sporting Forum, man did they miss that one, must be smoking crack over there..........
  20. cofooter

    Crime scene on 95 cat tail turnoff

    Damn, the local media never ceases to amaze with their reporting skills.........lol