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  1. robert1050

    Father's day gift?

    I'm at a loss for words.......
  2. robert1050

    Fine craftsmanship…

    The duct tape holding the wood trim pieces onto the carpeted bunks are a classy touch.
  3. robert1050

    Mail-in Ballots found along busy San Diego Freeway

    Remember, it's not important who votes, or how, what matters is, who counts the votes.......
  4. robert1050

    Anyone watching obi wan kenobi?

    Disney+ I just finished Boba Fet. It's decent.
  5. robert1050

    You will admit how old you are but

    I rememer my dad unplugging all the tubes any time our B&W set would go on the fritz, our family piling into the car and going to Thrifty's Drug Store. While he went through the tubes and tested them, but,one by one on their machine, mom would buy my brother and I ice cream cones. Those were...
  6. robert1050

    2030 Agenda

    Yes, he needs to be introduced to Lake Mead & a 55 gallon barrel
  7. robert1050

    My phone…. Lol

    I don't think I want to even start to understand what this post is about. I'm not gonna go get my decoder ring.
  8. robert1050

    Mayor Beetlejuice

    She prefers her white wife.
  9. robert1050

    Please forgive me for ruining your weekend,

    And what about the black cat in the picture above the butt plug, ,trying to photo-bomb Jamie? Gotta be a still from an upcoming movie. With the money she has, what would she be doing, in a cubicle farm?
  10. robert1050

    Ford Think Street Legal Golf Cart For Sale

    Sorry for taking so long to delete the ad. Cart was sold months ago. Robert
  11. robert1050

    Become A Vet - It'll Be Fun

    I'm not sure I should even ask, what you were looking for, when you found that.
  12. robert1050

    Ron Taylor

    Margaret passed it to her daughter, but I don't know where it is right now, Havasu or Orange. I can find out.
  13. robert1050

    You still in Cali?

    I'm a native Californian, lived there for 60 years. I finally gave up on it and moved to the Phoenix area 6 years ago. CA is not what it use to be. Like MW said, the 10% have taken control and ruined CA for the other 90%. I don't see any hope of recovery, in my lifetime.
  14. robert1050

    T Mobile 5G Home Internet

    We're using it. Where we live, it only picks up 2 bars on signal strength (the wife's S20 shows five). It's better than Cox, who we used to have. But, we are at the extreme East end of the valley. We're happy with it.
  15. robert1050

    A Quick Math Lesson

    Thanks for the video! Simple explanation.
  16. robert1050

    Stained stainless steel sink

    I've seen these kits @ HD & Lowe's:
  17. robert1050

    Ron Taylor

    Sadly, Ron passed about a year ago. Screen name was "Comfortably Numb". He was a manager at Container Supply in GG, lived in HB and had a place at the Islander. He was a close friend of mine and is sorely missed. I stay in contact with his widowed wife Margaret. RIP Ron.
  18. robert1050

    This years advent calendars

  19. robert1050

    Warehouse available in Havasu

    Congratulations Dave! Now RDP has a clubhouse!! Enough room for pool tables, couches, shooting gallery, etc....