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  1. Waterheater


    that cattle deal is super fishy. Cattle have been around forever. In hotter climate and have never died like that.
  2. Waterheater

    How was everyone’s weekend?

    Red Hills, My favorite course for a fast round.
  3. Waterheater

    Outer Range on Prime

    Every episode is getting better.
  4. Waterheater

    I cannot wait

    Going to head to Parker on the 18th. Can't wait!!
  5. Waterheater

    The Duels.

    It would be real cool to uncork a couple and let them run. Just to see what they could do.
  6. Waterheater

    WTF...... trying to buy wheels

    I went through this 5 years ago when I bought my truck. Wanted Chrome and everyone thought I was crazy. Couldn't find chrome anywhere. Everything was black. I don't like black wheels never have. Everyone was calling me old school. Now 5 years later everyone that was giving me shit are...
  7. Waterheater

    The RDP lifestyle...

    This is what it is for me. After running hard all day, or as hard as I can run. Hanging out watching the sun set with good friends. My favorite part of the RDP lifestyle.
  8. Waterheater

    Talk to me about Southern Utah....Area specific recommendations to look at.

    My best friend is a custom builder here. He only does 4 or 5 houses a year. He's a boater and spends a lot of time in Havasu. If someone is looking for a custom builder, let me know. I'll get you in touch with him. I always like to spend money with people that have the same interest.
  9. Waterheater

    Lake water with dialysis access port (update)

    Sorry to hear this about your Dad. Dialysis sucks! No way around it. But it is better than the alternative. I had a port, before they put my fistula in. It wasn't the end of the world. I went to Havasu and Powell a bunch of times with it. But your right I never got to deep in the water. I...
  10. Waterheater

    Video Is Now Out! Band Lit Filming Music Video at Fox's Last Friday

    We were there. Walking in I was like what the hell is going on? Way to many hot chicks running around for a Friday afternoon in Oct.
  11. Waterheater

    Ocean Cup Boat Race This Friday

    That dude sunk some serious coin into Envy. Had the whole set up for racing. Then one day said F it and put it all up for sale. I think he only ran the boat a couple of time.
  12. Waterheater

    HELL NO!!! Thats a big gator😳

    I like how she paddles right up next to him. Then say's, look how close he is???? WTH! why did you paddle right up next to him?
  13. Waterheater

    going to cabo and stay at the casa dorado resort

    We were there in April. Love that place! Rooms are really nice and you are right next to everything. Can't wait to go back!
  14. Waterheater

    Alternative to a Bimini- Yes, No?

    This is what I use too. Simple and easy to use. Goes up as fast as a Bimini, and it stores under the bow.
  15. Waterheater

    Look whats comming back to Havasu...

    I remember seeing it in Havasu. They would always have the front hatches open, showing the tit's and ass. Awesome boat!
  16. Waterheater

    Rv Trip - Where? And What would ya..

    Southern Utah is closed. Have a huge break out of Covid. Everything is shut down.
  17. Waterheater

    Eliminator Eagle - smoking deal

    With all the plywood in it, he should be asking twice that much!
  18. Waterheater

    Who's in Cabo

    Who's here? Who wants to meet up and drink tequila?
  19. Waterheater

    3rd chance at life.

    Congratulations! I love hearing stories like this. I went through the exact same thing. On my second kidney for two years now. I have to do my PSA. If you're not listed as a donor, please do it. There are so many people in need of kidney. If you know some with kidney failure. Get tested...
  20. Waterheater

    Good day in Cabo!!

    We're going down next Wednesday. Can't wait to get the hell out of here.