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    5-Cylinder 2-Stroke . . .

    . . . Equals COOL.
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    People are so out of tune with nature . . .

    I used to have a Bro who'd say. "The Dogwoods are blooming, lets go to Cachuma, the Red Ear are biting". . . . sure as shit, w/o ANY reports, we'd go & load the boat based on the blossoms on some friggin random trees in February. . . . over the years I learned a TON from him, watch the next...
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    Einstein Was EPIC . . . 'Quotes'

    Thought maybe a few here would like this . . . .
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    Anyone ever had a GPS Antenna Receiver Go Bad?

    Have a Humminbird 1197C SI on our ocean rig, nice unit never had a problem. Last trip I fired it up and the screen said No GPS Signal Received. Sonar and temperature both work fine . . . just no go on the GPS. I trouble shot it the best I could w/ my limited abilities. Put it in 'diagnostic...
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    I BA’d the Google Maps Car !

    Got home early & was working in the boat… (stupid GPS went out) … I see that car with the camera on the roof go down our cul-de-sac…hopped out of the boat , waited behind the gate, jumped out & Dropped-Trow as it rolled by ! 😂🤪⚡️🤘🇺🇸
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    Ron Bath vs Matt Mask . . .

    Bath will always be a LEGEND . . .
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    Lower River Play Set….

    Trim 4 da Win…..
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    Retribution against Porch Pirate

    Marine Corp Homeowner gets even !
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    Friday's Boat'n & Bass'n w/ the Old Guy ( a few pics)

    Thought we'd avoid the Memorial weekend crowds & sneak in a session. Split the house around 4:15 am . . .Pops is funny, as we're rollin up PCH towards Seal Beach, he says, "Wasn't there a place we stopped once and got a Ham & Cheese croissant"? . . . . people are right, old people can be...
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    Scum O'Rourke

    . . . only thing good is the ear-full he got from Bufford T Justice.
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    Complete Decline . . .

    Said it before . . . say it again . . . this country peaked late 40's to mid/late 50's . . . after that it's all been downhill.
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    Nathans, Dennisons, Fritos, & Cores . . .

    . . . Cause you have to pronounce it 'Cores'. :cool: Stubbies for the 'W' . . .
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    Who Remembers 'Aspen' ?

    All the good shit gets discontinued . . . 🖕
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    I Saw @regor 's Boat Today in Long Beach !

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    Busted . . . Amber Heard, SMOKED.

    What a conniving piece of garbage. A perfect example of how a chicks personality can completely negate how hot she is.
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    Last Minute Complete LAX Fiasco for my Neighbors Alaska Fishing Trip . . .

    So my neighbor's had a Rough-Go the last few years. Wife passed away, shortly after he took a header on a long range trip aboard a 2- day trip and was down w/ knee injury for a few months. Shortly after he passed-out in the Stater Bros parking lot and smacked his head on the concrete, spent a...
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    'RDP Swag' 2-Thumbs Up

    Figured I'd show at least a little support to RDP being that I haven't been kicked off here . . . 'yet' LOL. Kidding aside, these forums are a great source of good info, good people, and good times . . . much appreciated. I picked out one of the Flex Fit 'Delta' hats since I'm a hat dork. . ...
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    Trucks . . . I have ZERO interest in anything 'new' . . .

    . . . but I'd love to build another one like this same as mine . . .
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    Pops . . . Zero F's Given . . .

    Pulled the boat out around 10:00 am, washed it at the rack. Getting ready to split & Pops says, "Hold Up" & goes back to the boat. Hops back in & says, "Alright, lets roll". I look over . . . Dude's crackin a 'Road Soda' ! 🤣😂🤘 I guess when you're almost 90, you can do what you want. 🇺🇲