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  1. wash11

    SOLD 1977 Ford F-250 4x4 Hi Boy

    I checked this out on our last visit- pics don't do it justice. Priced right, this thing should sell fast.
  2. wash11

    New Home Build-North Texas

    Yup! That's our exit. We're about six miles North of where you took that pic!
  3. wash11

    Peaky Blinders

    We finished season six yesterday. The ending does not disappoint, Joe!
  4. wash11

    Starlink - Any RV users (or residential)?

    Starlink is a game changer for us. Living so remote, our only choice is hotspot from our Verizon phones (limited data plans without spending a ton of money, network or local tower outages) or Hughesnet (which is painful like dial up, really only good for doing emails). Starlink allowed my kids...
  5. wash11

    Back in Black! - Bodyline!

    I've had Bodyline do a bunch of stuff over the years- always a top notch experience.
  6. wash11

    Where's The Beef! ??

    Where's the pics???? Sounds awesome!
  7. wash11


    To put this into perspective: Rough estimate on this 10000 finished beef dying means that 6,000,000 pounds of beef will not be added to a supply chain that's already scrambling. Buckle up butter cups.
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    Yes. Cattle can handle some crazy temps in blazing sun then shed the heat overnight. If temps don't drop at night along with no wind, they hold the heat and can only do about 3 days, 4 tops before they shut down. It appears to be a perfect storm. But one has to question a few things. 1. Why...
  9. wash11

    Power Grid

    That's a bitchin, real world video.
  10. wash11

    1962 Mandella

    This is such a bitchin thread. Great job!
  11. wash11

    Advice needed on AR15 shopping

    I can get down with this program:p
  12. wash11

    Advice needed on AR15 shopping

    Man, I should have used the search option! I've bought a bunch of stuff from Southwest back when Meddy owned it. Like I said, been out of gun buying for at least a decade now.
  13. wash11

    Advice needed on AR15 shopping

    It's been ten years or more since I purchased my ARs. My kids are wanting to buy a couple and I honestly don't know what the gun world looks like these days. I'm really not looking to go down a rabbit hole- can I get the cliff notes on what the goods are? Nothing too crazy but still a good...
  14. wash11

    2022 RDP beef orders, now delivering to PHX/Valley as well as Havasu.

    Working with the butcher to completely customize your order is a very cool experience!
  15. wash11

    Who’s lived in their RV?

    https://www.riverdavesplace.com/forums/threads/going-off-the-grid-our-family-story.141213/post-2550009 Here's the post describing how we skirted it. Made ALL the difference in single digit weather.
  16. wash11

    Who’s lived in their RV?

    https://www.riverdavesplace.com/forums/threads/going-off-the-grid-our-family-story.141213/post-2518772 We lived in ours for 3.5 years. Above is a link to a post I did about prepping it for full time living in a cold winter climate. I agree with everyone, full size fridge would be great.
  17. wash11

    Ground beef available, time to stock up.

    85/15 to 90/10, every steer is different. We dry age this the same way we dry age our 1/4 beef orders. Tenderness and beefy flavor comes from this process. The fact that all the premium cuts are mixed into the ground-there’s honestly no way to compare to grocery store ground. It would be like...
  18. wash11

    Ground beef available, time to stock up.

    https://www.riverdavesplace.com/forums/threads/2022-rdp-beef-orders-now-delivering-to-phx-valley-as-well-as-havasu.245971/ We sell beef by the 1/4 and 1/2 steer. Jump in that thread for more info. Better yet, call or text me anytime 928-486-4043 and we’ll cover all your questions. Joel
  19. wash11

    Ground beef available, time to stock up.

    Delivering to Havasu this Tuesday, May 31st. Also have Saturday June 11th and Saturday June 25th available as well. Text Amy to order at 928-208-0611 and let her know what date works best for you. We sell out EVERY time we get a delivery of this ground beef. If we miss you this round, we'll add...