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  1. termiteguy

    Blue water hotel

    We are scheduled to stay there for Saturday and Sunday nite my question is are they requiring mask to be worn? When I was in town a couple weeks ago there were signs saying masks required on all Indian properties. I hate putting them on and I will not spend any money there if they require one
  2. termiteguy

    13 seconds

    @OldSchoolBoats I sure hope you were watching the chiefs game. Huge win for the chiefs in the last 13 seconds for a game tying overtime time win
  3. termiteguy

    Have a question?

    I have installed new doors and windows in in our house I want to clean them and coat them something to keep the water spots off give me some ideas
  4. termiteguy

    Rdp store front

    We are going to be going to havasu landing this weekend and staying with friends we are arriving on friday morning I would like to to take the ferry over to town. My question is how far is it from the drop off to the store front. I would like get a few shirts and a hat can we walk there or do...
  5. termiteguy

    Can we go back to normal already

    I am done loging in and seeing all of this political stuff I want to see boats and cool stuff now. Thank you
  6. termiteguy

    The dounds of freedom

    The sounds of freedom are really loud here in Lake Forest it keeps rattling my house it gets your attention in a hurry. Btw I like it
  7. termiteguy

    I need a home

    we are fostering this litte guy he appears to be a golden retriever approximately 22 weeks. I would love to keep him but I don't have a fenced yard and not ready for puppy training again. I'm not sure about shot records or anything else me step sons teammate had him and was going to take him to...
  8. termiteguy

    Jimmie Johnson

    Jimmie won the clash with some aggression is he back it looks like he has the no more more nice guy look in his eyes and speech I like it
  9. termiteguy

    Boat parade

    My entry lake forest key all upper decorations made by my wife and i
  10. termiteguy


    Thunder lightning and rain in lake forest I love it
  11. termiteguy

    Hey tpc

    Maybe the best Sig yet :thumbup: you need to keep that one up for awhile:rolleyes
  12. termiteguy

    Snow cone machine

    Where can I rent snow cone machine and a popcorn poper need to be able to serve several people I would like to rent in South oc if possible need it in June thanks every one
  13. termiteguy

    Garage door ?

    With all this rain my garage door will not rollup with out me helping it due to swelling of the framing of the garage. My question is what lube should I use on the tracks to help it lift easier. Thanks Rob
  14. termiteguy

    just my luck

    I am sitting here watching football and I hear a crash in the back yard and sure enough the dam tree we had been thinking about getting rid fell so I need a recommendation for someone to come out and cut it up and haul away. I am in lake forest
  15. termiteguy

    opinion needed

    I was offered a job today good money commission however it a 1099 pay system I have been in the termite business for a long time and have always been on payroll. What are the pro's and con's of being independent contractor
  16. termiteguy

    aluminum wheel?

    aluminum wheel ?I have weld racing wheels on my truck and one of them cracked where the two pieces are welded together can they be fixed and any recommendation in south oc I really don't want to spend the money on new wheels
  17. termiteguy

    Good morning inmates

    Good morning all and happy Easter
  18. termiteguy

    kinda new but not

    im kinda new here but not really .I have been lurking for a really long time even back in in the old hoy boat days . I just wanted to say hi I already pm 460 for my free swag he told me he would send it out in 2 weeks !so I got that going for me!!!!
  19. termiteguy

    my dog needs a good home

    i have to give up my 3 year chocolate lab she is not geting along with g/f pitbull . she is a realy good dog with agood deminner great with kids and loves the river if anone is interested please call me 562 572-7077 i live in mission viejo thanks rob