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  1. RiverDave

    How was everyone’s Fourth??

    How was the weekend? Let’s see the pics! Almost all of our pics are on Stacys phone because I was driving the boat.. lol On Thursday I did quite a bit of work down at the building and on Friday I had to move all the stuff for the open house at the development.. Sunday we went boating.. I...
  2. RiverDave

    RIP - Tragic Boating Accident

    https://www.kxly.com/boat-crash-prompts-search-on-pend-oreille-river/pic/6083638/?fs=e&s=cl 1 recovered and three missing.. 😢
  3. RiverDave

    Tacos and Beer this Friday!

    So I have somewhat kept this under wraps but we are going to start marketing a development on the North Side in Viewpoint Estates! The grand opening is this Friday, and we will be having tacos and beer! I hope you guys come out to say hello have a Beverage or three and check it out! Even...
  4. RiverDave

    I gotta ship this splash guard to Georgia

    It’s a bit of a story but this thing is rare, expensive & fragile.. I have to get it to Jon Meads in Georgia.. Any ideas?
  5. RiverDave

    One of Livorsi's Personal Boats for sale.

    Fountain 38 Lighting 2003/2021 Semi Staggered is one of the best boats built with its Twin Step Design. The Semi-Staggered Motors are fast, easy to dock & there is plenty of cockpit space. Boat is in excellent condition with Many Many Upgrades. ATECO built New Engines 502/871 blowers with 15...
  6. RiverDave

    This weeks feature boat Mike Summers Eliminator 33X!!

    In a series we are doing with Eliminator we are going to release one of their new models once a month! This is Mike Sommers 33X with twin 700’s. This thing is an ABSOLUTE BEAST!! It tops out at an incredible 140 mph, and cruises effortlessly at 80-100 mph.. I was incredibly impressed with...
  7. RiverDave

    My Pontoon is 4 sale Please call Horizon

    https://www.horizonmotorsportsllc.com/New-Inventory-2021-Avalon-Boat-Excalibur-Elite-Windshield-27-FT-Lake-Havasu-City-Arizona-12370599 Standard description is there.. Fully loaded 27’ Avalon with Twin 400’s RDP mods on Trailer 1.Extra step added on main rail to make it easier to get in 2.All...
  8. RiverDave

    Took the boat out yesterday/ The Springs.

    I never thought the gas prices would effect me but holy shit.. this ain’t for the weak of heart. 😳. My truck was low in fuel so I figured I’d fill it up.. the god damn pump shut off at 175.00 before the truck was completely full.. lol. Someone put a sticker on the inside of my gas flap...
  9. RiverDave

    Who’s can am is this?

    I’ve seen it before but can’t remember where.. I remember the triple flags
  10. RiverDave

    Back in Black! - Bodyline!

    Had Justin repaint the fenders and take care of all the little knicks in the paint. Also had two door dings and a small dent fixed.. Had three or four people ask me if it was a new truck yesterday.. 🤪
  11. RiverDave

    This weeks feature boat Schiada SR22 -1700 hp

    @SKIA36 Let me know what ya think! One of my favorite boats out there!
  12. RiverDave

    2022 Cigarette Rendezvous- Lake of the Ozarks!

    Before we get started here I have to take one second to say thank you to Mario at So Cal Speed and Marine and Devin Wozencraft! SoCal Soeed and Marine is one of the premier service shops in Lake Havasu Devin owns an insurance company that now offers a wide variety of Finance options for...
  13. RiverDave

    Three years today when My life changed permanently.. Today we start the course back

    Three Years ago I was walking across boats at the Cigarette Rendezvous in Lake of the Ozarks.. one normal step and there was a “pop” so loud everyone turned off their stereos to see what it was.. 😳 These are pics of the first month.. and the second post is pics from July.
  14. RiverDave

    Hey Lam - Dutton Dave strikes again!

    Jist wanted to say thank you to @DuttonDave for making the transaction easy and painless! Truck was delivered, signed a few documents and they took our old truck with them! Just drove it to Phoenix tonight and WOW!! This truck is amazing! One of the nicest driving vehicles I have ever...
  15. RiverDave

    Classic performance boat regatta video

    @highlimit9000 ‘s official video from his event! Done by Erick Bryner at fast and loud photography
  16. RiverDave

    Alexi is retiring / Boostpower USA

    For Immediate Release! After over 32 plus successful years of being in the forefront of the High Performance Marine Powertrain, custom rigging etc services founder/owner Alexi Sahagian made a tough decision to RETIRE from the company he started in High School known as Boostpower USA Inc. and...
  17. RiverDave

    Classic Performance Boat Regatta Video!

    Was a great time with some amazing hardware! Glad @highlimit9000 has taken the reigns to have representation of boats that were built in the good ole days and represent a better time for boating and our country! Let me know what ya think!
  18. RiverDave

    Can anyone help Rob (FIL) unload a flatbed?

    There is some seriously heavy things on it including a gun safe and this old Cast iron stove.. I’m about useless nowadays being crippled when it comes to this. Anyone know of a moving company or a couple big dudes I can pay? In havasu btw.. RD
  19. RiverDave

    27 Thor walkthrough Video - Feature Boat!

    Quick walk through showing the details Let me know what ya think! Big thanks to Jason Nichols for letting us feature it! Bad ass boat! RD
  20. RiverDave

    Garage goals

    Look at the size of this sumbitch!