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    Velet drive to TH400 questions

    My 21' Howard had a mild 468 and a velvet drive in it and I'm getting finished up on a 496 for it right now. I figure with close to 600 HP I should ditch the velvet drive before I blow it up. I got a TH400 for it and my buddy at the Jerrys Trans said a lot of guys just run welded up torque...
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    BBC long blocks and parts

    I have a 2 bolt main, 454 with 049 oval heads on it. I was told it was a good running motor but I have never heard it run. $400 obo Gen iv 10 quart dooley v drive oil pan with pick up and windage tray $250 Glenwood timming cover for gen iv block $100 comp cams 280h hydraulic flat...
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    21' Howard

    Hi everyone, I'm new to the site. Been snoopin around on here for a while just checking everything out. Couple months back I picked up a 79, 21' howard V drive. Boat spent its life at lake arrowhead and was owned by family member of mine. I've had a few jet boats but this is my first v...