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  1. endobear

    Employee vs subcontactors

    Ive been an owner operater of a small paint company for 22 years. Always had employees. Up tp 7 at a time. Its always been tough to find help and over the last couple years its been nearly impossible. Buddy of mine thinks i should hire subs to do my jobs. Ive never wanted to do this because i...
  2. endobear

    WTB Weekend Warrior FS3400

    Or another brand of bumper pull with at least 17' to the 1st cabinet. Looking in the 11k-18k range.
  3. endobear

    lt80 nitrogen psi?

    Picked up an lt80 with Works shocks and I'm wanting to refill them. Anybody know how many PSI I should run them at?
  4. endobear

    Bitchin Mash Up

  5. endobear

    White Wash Sand Dunes

    Between Green river and Moab. Some dunes and tons of wash and trail rides. Heading out for Memorial weekend. Anybody In the area look for a red vw sand rail going like a bat outa hell and come say hello.