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  1. HowardRC

    Current boat with specs! (I/o, pontoon, bass boat, kayak, anything you currently have)

    1990 Howard 21 RC. Original bone stock Merc 454 w/ IMCO Powerflows. About 1100 hours on the motor. Original interior. 63 MPH my GPS app
  2. HowardRC

    10 hrs for ten minutes

    Hang in there RD. I broke my leg right around the same time that you did. It was not nearly as bad as your break, but when I went to the doctor for a follow up visit three weeks ago the x-ray still clearly showed the break. He asked how I was feeling, and I told him that everything is mostly...
  3. HowardRC

    New 20 Campbell lay up

    It definitely appears to be some variation of the spectra mold
  4. HowardRC

    Best in the west!! Lets see your Howard

    Mine is an I/O
  5. HowardRC

    What’s everyone’s plans for Thanksgiving?

    Heading to the Havasu on Saturday. Will be mostly doing stuff around the new house Sunday-Tuesday. Launching the boat Wednesday and hoping to meet up with the folks doing the run. We will have our families over for T-day dinner. Will keep the boat in the water and probably boat Friday-Saturday...
  6. HowardRC

    Starting a Family Boat Recommendations

    My wife is 25 weeks pregnant, and this is and will be our family boat. Since the day I bought it, I have never had a thought of getting rid of it :)
  7. HowardRC

    Great Day Yesterday! Great to be Home!

    Hey RD, we're twins. Hope you have a speedy recovery. Mine is no way near as bad as yours, but it will be a while before I'm back to normal
  8. HowardRC

    [WTB] IMCO Powerflows

    Yes I did.
  9. HowardRC

    **2019 Classic & Performance Boat Rally**

    Two weeks :D
  10. HowardRC

    Truck hit at Nautical

    There was another guy that weekend saying his trailer and maybe his truck were hit. Maybe you were hit by the same person. Heard it was a Campbell owners wife moving the trailer and she also took out a pole. He was able to get the guys info. Maybe reach out to the Campbell boat owners group...
  11. HowardRC

    **2019 Classic & Performance Boat Rally**

    @SKIA36 thanks for letting me ride along when @aaronschiada took the "Apex Predator" for a cruise. Your Schiada is one BAD MOFO!
  12. HowardRC

    Performance boat regatta

    I am pretty sure they still have the schiada notta regatta at bluewater in september...
  13. HowardRC

    Performance boat regatta

    If you are talking about the one happening this weekend, it is being put on by some Schiada guys, but they opened it up to all classic and performance boats. I will be there in my Howard. Supposedly around 120 boats are attending.
  14. HowardRC

    **2019 Classic & Performance Boat Rally**

    Get there early and we will tuck you in next to my Howard ;)
  15. HowardRC

    **2019 Classic & Performance Boat Rally** T-shirt Purchase Info

    What's the count up to? I ordered 5 tank tops
  16. HowardRC

    **2019 Classic & Performance Boat Rally** T-shirt Purchase Info

    Ordered mine earlier this month. The email estimated that they would get here on Monday 4/29
  17. HowardRC

    How often do you change your impeller

    Yearly. The old ones always look fine when they come out, but I just do it for peace of mind.
  18. HowardRC

    RDP Swag Requests

    These, and camo snap back hats.
  19. HowardRC

    [WTB] IMCO Powerflows

    Those are the powerflow plus. Overkill for the motor I have, and I don't plan on putting a motor big enough to require them
  20. HowardRC

    **2019 Classic & Performance Boat Rally**

    Just booked my room and cove parking spot. Really looking forward to this awesome weekend! FYI I just got off the phone with the Nautical and there are only 3 cove parking spots left