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  1. Ouderkirk

    Husbands of Target

    A Target rich environment.... I still prefer Walmart.
  2. Ouderkirk

    JetBlue Airlines

    JetBlue - Long Beach is perfect. For me, it;s United to JFK and JetBlue from JFK to LB. Small airport, security is a breeze. Not exactly the best waiting area, but the convenience far outweighs the lack of aesthetics.
  3. Ouderkirk

    Will insurance repair or total?

    I wouldn't spend dime one on it. Drive it as it is, and run it into the ground. Take the collision off it, and use her as a beater.
  4. Ouderkirk

    White Claw mother fuckers!

    I don't care for them or the other knock-offs of it. Going back to the days of Zima and wine coolers. Just never cared for that sort of drink. Now, when I do imbibe, I drink the hard stuff. Scotch, Bourbon, & other whisky, Gin, Rum, and Vodka. Sometimes a mixed drink....but that's not...
  5. Ouderkirk

    Where You are Watching The Super Bowl?

    It will be 6:15 EST at game time and my kids have school the next day. Watching at home with pizza and wings.
  6. Ouderkirk

    Thanks to RiverDave for backing me!

    I have to admit that would be an entertaining thread to read.
  7. Ouderkirk

    A death at the "Questionable house" behind my shop

    That's what I would do...
  8. Ouderkirk

    Thanks to RiverDave for backing me!

    It would be interesting to know how many times and the sum of the weeks that you have been exiled.
  9. Ouderkirk

    Replica Vehicles / Kit cars...

    I would suggest a Pantera. A hot vehicle that can be had for a reasonable $$$ and you can still work on it.
  10. Ouderkirk

    125 mph Glastron Carlson

    The CVX's weren't designed to go much above 65 mph. I've been in a few above 70 and never felt comfortable going that fast in them.
  11. Ouderkirk

    What Beer did You Drink in High School?

    Back in the day when I was nearing and coming of age, Miller and Schlitz opened huge breweries in Fulton, NY and Baldwinsville NY (about 10 miles apart). Beer was so cheap it was amazing. $1.99 for a six-pack of 12oz bottles pretty much all domestic brands in the area were like that. Imports...
  12. Ouderkirk

    509 CI BBC Build

    To be honest, for what you're talking about cubic inches is what you want. An example is this (not recommending this item per se). It's $15K each but you're going to spend a good bit of $$$ to get what you have, to where you want to go...
  13. Ouderkirk

    Wife’s car went boom

    At 130K, the motor & trans are fairly well used. Wheel bearings are going to need to be replaced, and much of the suspension is going to need service too. Parking it in a bad neighborhood leads to higher insurance premiums and potentially a fraud conviction with minimal return Do what you can...
  14. Ouderkirk

    Golden Globes?

    I never understood why anyone would watch an awards ceremony on television. And even more amazing is that it is awarded for the trash that Hollywood has turned out in the last year. I mean seriously, when was the last time Hollywood turned out a movie that was absolutely spectacular? A...
  15. Ouderkirk

    Looking for a Schiada 21or 22RC for sale

    I have no idea what the best strut angle is. I have read where the angle was higher for lower power, and less angle for high power. If 7.5 degrees the the optimal, I will use that as the baseline in evaluating anything that I am considering buying. I would like for it to be the best all around...
  16. Ouderkirk

    1979 Schiada RC, The Boss

    Lenman this looks great !! I am glad the air chisel worked well for you as it did for me. Are going west epoxy or vinylester?
  17. Ouderkirk

    Cape coral Florida

    My friend lives in Cape Coral. As was pointed out, many HOA's with odd rules, many rental properties, bridges, and long rides to open water. It's a nice place to visit, not sure I would want to live there.
  18. Ouderkirk

    Well my life is about to change

    A son !! Congratulations !! Get involved in coaching the sports your son is involved with. Even if they weren't your thing. I coached soccer, baseball, lacrosse, and spend every Friday night in the dojo.
  19. Ouderkirk

    Well my life is about to change

    Congrats !! Once the baby is here...you will find that you have NEVER loved anyone, like you will love your child.
  20. Ouderkirk

    Pep Boys Sucks

    Had I driven away I'd have owned it. The difference was subtle but noticeable. Never, ever again for Pep Boys.