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  1. Water Romper

    16-year-old presumed drowned- Fell off PWC- NOT WEARING LIFE JACKETS- UPDATE

    Can't stress safety enough- Another family destroyed because of a life vest. Sad story that possibly could have been prevented.... --------------- ADA COUNTY, Idaho — Marine deputies with the Ada County Sheriff's Office are working to recover a 16-year-old who fell off a personal watercraft...
  2. Water Romper

    Hallett taking on water- from the bow, anyone else?

    Anyone ever have an issue with water getting in the boat- from the bow area? I see only 3 ways water can get in: 1- The rub rail 2- The tow eye 3- The two lights that are on the side of the hull - No, the hull is fine, no cracks etc. This has nothing to do with getting in and out of the boat...
  3. Water Romper

    Even in Idaho we feel your pain- Double homicide in Kingman

    I belong to a "gold prospectors" club in Cali and Idaho. Just saw this post. I do not know this couple, but I am sure some of our RD folks from Laughlin/ Bullhead area may have known them. Don't have any additional info but what's posted here. Very sad to say the least.
  4. Water Romper

    Anodes- Are they necessary if.......

    Hi Guys, Older Merc Blk Max, 150hp. I have a new lower unit and it came with the spot for two anodes (one on each side) My old lower did NOT have this. My question is: Are these necessary if I do not run in salt water and I do not leave the boat in fresh water overnight. Do they make an after...
  5. Water Romper

    Burley Regatta- Any updates?

    Did a quick search, didn't see any updates (although it is Monday morning- I may be jumping the gun here) I know we had some fellow RDP folks racing, just wondering how it went. Hope everyone played safe. From Boise- (about 150 miles) looks like it should have been good weather. Racing is...
  6. Water Romper

    Good job Havi Fire and Rescue-Event TODAY showing their new "toys"

    Hi Guys, Sorry if this is a re-post but it looks like a cool event to go and see the new equipment to keep everyone safe. Would love to see the new water pumper in action, bet that sucker could clear a spot in the channel in a heartbeat.
  7. Water Romper

    ...the aftermath...do you locals reap the rewards?

    So I posted earlier that the channel was full at 7:30 am this morning- other peeps chimed in (and a video as proof) that it was in fact crowded. So, for you locals that walk the channel "the day after' ...do you bring a metal detector and scoop up jewelry and money? I always enjoyed the guy...
  8. Water Romper

    The channel already full- 7:30am Sunday

    Snapshot taken from the web cam this morning- looks like its going to be a great day in Havi
  9. Water Romper

    Merc. lower unit project

    Though I would post my up-and-coming saga regarding my lower unit, maybe other RD folks might find it interesting and helpful. To start, I am not a mechanic, i don't live anywhere near Lake Havasu, I am in Boise, Idaho. I am not rich and have limited funds/budget for boating. I know the...
  10. Water Romper

    Is there a market for a used NON-WORKING lower unit?

    So, I am getting a new lower for my old 1992 150 Merc Blk Max 2 stroke. Wondering if there is a market for the NON-WORKING lower. It was NOT damaged, the case is in perfect condition. Reason for the new one is I lost the two bearings (Gears were fine) and its cheaper to get the new one from...
  11. Water Romper

    Capping the Speedo line in the outdrive

    1992 Merc 150 Blk Max, 2 stroke I am replacing the lower unit, bearings went out. I want to cap/plug the speedo water pick-up that's located in the front section of the lower unit If this is capped, (not just disconnected and left open) will it increase the water stream from the impeller or is...
  12. Water Romper

    When do you get dirty again?

    So my old Chevy Silverado is leaking antifreeze, I think its the water pump, maybe the lower radiator hose, can't complain, the motor has 280k miles, so I go purchase the pump and hose. I call around to some local shops and ask how much to install the new parts- keeping in mind, I am supplying...
  13. Water Romper

    Shipping a lower unit?

    You guys ever ship a lower unit? here's the deal- scattered my lower this past summer- 200hp Merc Blk Max, 2 stroke. Didn't hit anything, I think the clutch dog and bearings may have gone out. I can't find a mechanic in these parts (Boise, ID) to replace the "guts" with OEM Merc parts. There...
  14. Water Romper

    Heading to State Line- Whiskey Petes near Primm, NV

    Hey gang, Heading to State line this Sunday, my overnight stop heading to Orange County from Boise, ID. I have NOT been to any casinos for at least two years, I've seen some threads here about Vegas, Tahoe and Laughlin but wondering what to expect at good ol' State Line. Even in the best of...
  15. Water Romper

    WW II Navy Hats- any leads where to buy?

    Hey Guys, Any tips where to buy a good quality WWII Navy Veteran baseball cap? Looked on line and that just opens a can of worms. If possible, are there web sites that support our vets so a portion of the profits go to them? Thanks in advance
  16. Water Romper

    I'm out of touch- Air Fare?? WTF

    I don't travel much anymore, haven't been on a plane for 20+ years. Went to book a flight and car for a trip to Orange County, CA (Long Beach, John Wayne or...) from little ol' Boise, ID. Friggin $2300.00 WHAT??? Not first class, a step above baggage would be fine, the car? A cheap ass...
  17. Water Romper

    Nowhere is safe: Boise Idaho Police Dept: Six people injured, including officer, after shots fired at Boise Towne Square Mall

    On going crime scene- so far, 6 injured, including 1 LEO at the Boise Town Square Mall. Appears to have happened in or near the Macy's dept store. 1 suspect in custody, not sure about any other suspects . I know we have some Peep's here from the area. Hope all are safe. I live about 5 miles...
  18. Water Romper

    Can't "Come a Little Bit Closer" anymore- Jay Black of Jay and the Americans passed away

    Sorry if this is a duplicate post- Didn't see anything on this via a search: Jay Black of the group Jay and the Americans passed away: November 2, 1938 – October 22, 2021 he was 82 Black died Friday from complications of pneumonia. Rolling Stone reported that Black had suffered from dementia...
  19. Water Romper

    Calling Electricians- again- Exhaust fan, laundry room

    Alright guys, need some advice (again), its no secret I have zero skills with electricity so I'm reaching out the the RDP team: Laundry room exhaust fan in the ceiling- turns on and off fine (from the wall switch), if its left on for over 5 minutes, it wont shut off. I have to unplug it from...
  20. Water Romper

    Need some schooling (again) - Reverse cable adjustment

    Not sure if I am explaining this right, (1995- Merc 200 BM, stock) Reverse seems to be "slipping: doesn't "grab" like it used to. When I launched a few weeks ago , I would put it in reverse, boat would chug just fine and I could maneuver in reverse great, last weekend, put it in reverse and had...