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  1. 707dog

    Who has the most hours on their boat? How many and what motor?

    I think throttle was 1000+ on a 496
  2. 707dog

    Who has the most hours on their boat? How many and what motor?

    05 496 172hrs bought the boat 4 yrs ago with 22 hrs 😁
  3. 707dog

    PUPS of RDP

    Post up the pup once you get home👍🏻
  4. 707dog

    With 7500HP it'll be the fastest assault helicopter in history

    They want want to build a few more got a feeling we might need them very soon
  5. 707dog

    Las Vegas Smoke Shop - Owner Stabs Robber

    Fn love it... the ending made me smile ( sorry I'm a little on the under dogs team)
  6. 707dog

    PUPS of RDP

    At 9 months that breeder should be cutting a serious deal on the price or they have plans to use the pup later on so not really tripping on getting rid of it. Thats how I scored my new bully he is 5 months and they have 2 litters dropping in the next 2 months he had to go.
  7. 707dog

    PUPS of RDP

    Yeah Im the "friend in low places guy" per RDP Standards 🤣🤣
  8. 707dog

    PUPS of RDP

    Ok damn it I gave in... the new addition to our family meet Brutus aka BRU
  9. 707dog

    PUPS of RDP

  10. 707dog

    Boat Drivers License Idea: Flame Away!

    agree just another probable cause to flag you over then the snow ball effect occurs. unless its like the mussel sticker as long as we pay the fee and put a sticker on our boat the dummies magically go away 😂
  11. 707dog

    PUPS of RDP

    yes they do been through 2 rottie's and a mastiff damn dogs sure sock it to ya when they get their wings. put our mastiff down last year but been looking into getting another pup so our bully has a crime partner just have not gave in yet miss my olé boy cassius
  12. 707dog

    What are you listening to, right now?

  13. 707dog

    Lost a Delta Icon this morning

    Agree they will be slowly start falling off the map the permits for these places are almost impossible to do any upgrades or additions its a common issuei hear thrown around when the restaurant topics are brought up. orwood and union point are the better ones their breakfast, burgers and drinks...
  14. 707dog

    Lost a Delta Icon this morning

    That boat is optional broke🤣🤣
  15. 707dog

    Might have bought the wrong piece of equipment. Thoughts?

    lmao now I know what is wrong with mine so ill be swapping the receiver around (offerup buy so it came that way)
  16. 707dog

    Dan H20toie getting some love in Florida (video)

    enjoyed that whole video
  17. 707dog

    Just another havasu by air post..

    nice... with all that sediment running out of the mouth does that change the entrance path up river?
  18. 707dog

    Dezfooli. Appropriate name for an asshole

    He is not the first and won't be the last to get investigated/arrested for ppp loan fraud.
  19. 707dog

    Hammers Delta Adventure- The Hamlett Shakedown

    Text me those coordinates
  20. 707dog

    Hammers Delta Adventure- The Hamlett Shakedown

    Its the most organized group of unorganized boaters that will ruin life and make your life a happy place all in one day🤣 On Facebook seems to be the only place use use to be on performance boats but no clue. This year will be 17th year going for hookie day