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    Escape Rooms

    And no I’m not talking about the better half trying to escape from our room. However, sometimes in the mornings when waking up, I can see the fear in her eyes wondering how to escape. 🤣 seriously though. Looking to do one and was wondering if it’s worth the money or not. Any recommendations in...

    Big Orange Boat

    Seen this on IG. Is the Big Orange Boat making a comeback? I remember it anchored In Thompsons Bay and taking the kids for ice cream or burgers. The burgers were good. Not sure what ever happened to the old one? Heard a rumor it burnt down or the city shut them down or something. Anyone know...

    Any Ford Parts Guys

    Motor went out on 2016 F450 with the V10 was told 6-8 weeks for new one and that was 6-8 weeks ago and now it’s another 6-8 weeks maybe.

    HellFire twin turbine Skater

    What a bad ass boat. If it’s been posted already sorry. Hope the link works.

    RDP Express

    Looking to get a key from the I.E. to Havasu. Need to get boat serviced and key has been missed placed. It will pop up just as soon as we don’t need it anymore 🤣 if anyone is headed out that way in the next couple of days that would be awesome.

    Speed of sound

    Been trying to get a hold of Mike and can’t reach him. Has anyone seen him lately? I hope he’s ok and just busy. I know he was in the hospital not long ago.

    Site Shades (shade covering)

    Has anyone purchased one of these? If so, how do you like it? Worth it? I’m considering buying one for my Hallett for additional shade beside what the Bimini provides. Just curious if it’s worth it.

    Cali Vibes in Long Beach

    Anyone going next weekend? We have VIP tickets for Saturday. I know of a couple members going.

    Grand National Roadster Show

    Haven’t been in 8+ years and had nothing really going on today, so I figured it would be a great day to see a few cars I’ve been wanting to see. The 1st one the orange 40 Chevy that belong to my dad. When he passed away in 2004 he left it to me and I had it for a few years before I sold it...
  10. BUDMAN

    Busch Clash…Who’s going?

    Anyone attending the NASCAR Busch Clash next month at the LA Colosseum? Joe @OldSchoolBoats his boys & I will be going on Sunday. Hoping that it’s going to be more exciting than Bristol. I know you nascar haters are “go straight turn left, go straight turn left boring”. Even the biggest haters I...
  11. BUDMAN

    National Lampoons Rusty Bus

    Pretty cool. Seen this on a few social media post
  12. BUDMAN

    VW Thing

    I’ve seen this done with bugs but a VW Thing? Pretty bad ass for sure. If it’s not an actual VW it’s some nice fab work. Regardless it’s some nice fab work.
  13. BUDMAN

    Christmas Shopping

    So the better half some how managed to get me to go Christmas shopping with her. I never so no to her ( that’s how) 😆 Anyways I told her I’m not going on the weekend because it’s the last weekend before Christmas and it’s going to be crazy. WRONG! It’s fu*king crazy on a Friday. The stores are...
  14. BUDMAN

    Business Loans

    For you business owners out there, who’s your go to for a loan? I have a few big jobs coming up that I’ll need some working capitol for. I’m still trying to get caught up from this Covid BS on top of losing 3 of my largest customers and 2 of them shut down and filed bankruptcy. I get e-mails all...
  15. BUDMAN

    BUDMAN’S Breakfast Run

    I did this run last year and we had approximately 9-11 boats brave enough to brave the cooler morning temperatures. 😂 Some people (chickens) drove down and had breakfast with the group. I’ve been asked if I’m doing it again this year. Weather permitting Dec 4th the weekend of the parade of...
  16. BUDMAN

    Happy Birthday She’s Mine

    Happy Birthday Myke. Hope you have an Xtrem kind of day
  17. BUDMAN

    Happy Birthday Beermaker

    Happy Birthday Justin. Hope your making it a good one
  18. BUDMAN

    Happy Birthday Ductape

    Happy Birthday Tony. Hope you have a great day.
  19. BUDMAN

    Trade Plateforms

    What’s everyone using for their own stocks trading. I’ve been using Robinhood and for the most part has been pretty good, but I’ve notice they don’t offer all stocks or at least I’m not finding them. I’m new to this and mostly have just been messing around with what I’m calling penny stocks. I...
  20. BUDMAN

    2022 Square body Silverado

    This is the one they should be building. Shut up and take my money. I know it’s just a rendering, but damn, I would be a buyer. Imagine this with a supercharged 6.2