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    1970 Monza Marine 19 *Cheap*

    I hate doing it but this boat needs to find a home asap. Have another project in the wings and need the space. 1970 Monza Marine, Chrysler 360 (built) and a Volvo 290 (with trim). If you parted the boat out you would get more then I'm asking for it all. The last one (1973 Monza 19')...
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    Trailer axle I.D. help

    I've been looking for these 2 spindles for a while now with no luck. Because of the way the fenders attach and how the trailer was built (real low) I would like to keep it the way it is. Any help?
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    Hydroplane prop help

    I?m using a prop (OJ 13X15L) on my hydroplane. Thinking I need something that?s made to run on the surface, a chopper or a one of those 2 blade props. Just starting to look but thought I should ask. Are the pitch numbers the same? Or in other words, if I have a 15P now should I be looking for a...
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    Lots of questions about my hydroplane.

    I will be the first to say I have no clue about this hydro stuff so I need help. Ran around with it for 28 miles yesterday and now I have a couple issues to figure out. Does the boat sit right? I know its stupid question but I have to ask. It sits basically flat when stopped. Not sure if...