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  1. relaxalot

    Howard 25 Bullet 2007 For Sale 70 k 600 With New Pics

    He decided to keep it.
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    The balloon

    One thing.. it was MASSIVE in size.. as large as a football field.. I just read that these balloons could expand to that size. Finally making sense. I saw it about twice as high as high altitude jets and still larger in size than them. Of course it is just an estimate but I was judging using...
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    The balloon

    On July 5th 2021 We were floating in Steamboat and we saw a high altitude stationary ufo-balloon looking semi opaque huge orb. Could this have been what you are talking about. It was pretty stationary for about 45 minutes and very large. I thought it may be something DARPA involved. I never...
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    Mercury 525 EFI w/ XR drive longevity

    I have a 600 sci.. rebuilt the motor at 425 hours.. still ran fine with no problems.. I did it out if caution. Had a leak down done and it was perfect before rebuild.. Just saying that stock heads worked fine for me for 425 hours plus. Do a leak down every year after 250 hours.. Rebuild when...
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    Eric Church tix Vegas this Friday

    For you 140 each!
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    Eric Church tix Vegas this Friday

    Buy em.. good deal.. Vegas baby! Eric F’nn Church!!
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    Eric Church tix Vegas this Friday

    150 each
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    Eric Church tix Vegas this Friday

    Selling for under face value $170 each original price 200 each. It will be a great show!
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    Eric Church tix Vegas this Friday

    My son got the rona and can’t go to the concert in Vegas .. great seats face value. Obo This is an awesome show!
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    Entertainment center. Work desk center

    Nice entertainment wall.. high quality 600 cash you haul Claremont Ca Nice work desk area high quality 400 you haul Claremont Ca Both are in great condition!
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    Make offer?? Garage or closet cabinet with drawers.. super clean Claremont Ca

    9 drawers.. well made White 77” wide x 25 “ deep x 42 high You pick up Claremont ca 250 Great for closet or garage
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    Disneyland Sand Dunes (Up River from Havasu)

    The water has to be high to make it back. It was all sand and no rocks. We had a great day! Stay to the right...
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    It's not a race...

    So where is this channel and how do I find it? Can you send me the link to the first video just on you tube and not in RDP? I want to show some people not in the forums
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    Helicopter ride over Lake Havasu!

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    5 blade propeller

    I would try a Maximus 28 likely to drop your slip to 12-14 just a guess. I don't have any real world test results but 22 % should be improvable.
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    Name my Boat contest

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    Huge Dog lover here but this ? (Pittys)

    I know there are some good pits but there is probably no other breed that has so many problems… other people shouldn’t have to put up with your pits.. they are one of the few dog breeds I don’t trust.. imo too much of a hassle.. and I love dogs..
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    Few on the water observations to prep u for summer

    And stay to the right!!! Get over there! Not left !! RIGHT!!!
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    Looking for a yard cleanup in Havasu/Gardener

    Spring is here and my yard could use a clean up and a few plants planted. Do you guys have anyone to recommend?