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  1. LomitaBob

    giving up on my Traeger

    if I had a river/vacation house I think the traeger would be ideal! but i's be po
  2. LomitaBob

    giving up on my Traeger

    I have tried water pans, spraying the meat down as it cooks, traeger pellets, green mountain pellets, and a few other brands. Im still not impressed. I think if you don't have big money for an old hickory or one of the other commercial type smokers like this the end result just isn't the same...
  3. LomitaBob

    who makes a good 80% ar jig?

    this is the one I recommended.
  4. LomitaBob

    giving up on my Traeger

    So I am a BBQ purist, I like old school delicious BBQ that doesn't really need sauce. I have been all over the us and been to most of the "famous" spots. I taught myself to BBQ and Smoke meat on a regular cheap offset smoker and got to where I was cranking our competition quality meat, then I...
  5. LomitaBob

    who makes a good 80% ar jig?

    got a buddy that wants to do a couple 80% ar lowers, if he can find them! I know a few members here have done them so I figured this would be a good place to start. Who makes a good Jig? I have seen a few different kinds, some with 1 or 2 plates that go on top that look like it would be easy to...
  6. LomitaBob

    It's a rough World Wide Web out there.. I'll stay here

    I have friends who live on FaceBook, one of which i'm sure has done too much blow in his life. you can not convince him that the world isn't flat, yes I said flat! he is also convince that nobody has ever been to space, even though I have the space station live cam app on my phone and have...
  7. LomitaBob

    anybody have a source or maybe an old cast iron

    tembo-tusk skottel. best discada/wok cooker out there and cheap.
  8. LomitaBob

    ISIS threat: Is Donald Trump betting on another terror attack?

    I agree. I also am on the fence about trump in general. I would like him to win because I feel that he may do a lot to try and make America normal again I don't know if it will ever be great again. it would be nice to live in a country where a 60 year old male Olympian isn't woman of the...
  9. LomitaBob

    Meet Dick - soon to be fresh meat.

    im retiring from my Job at 55 and this is gonna be my "hobby"!!! oh how I envy you guys...
  10. LomitaBob

    Printer needed - RDP hook up?

    Anyone here do printing in the Los Angeles / OC area? my wife wants to have a happy birthday banner and a few graphic/pics printed form my kids 5th birthday party this weekend. she had someone near us lined up who just flaked and now she is at defcon 5! pm or text me at 310 989 4013
  11. LomitaBob

    Meet Dick - soon to be fresh meat.

    im sure you are getting pm's up the ying yang but PM me when you know what you will have going on in the next few months. I may be interested in a 1/2 Beef
  12. LomitaBob

    question about mill / lathe machines

    I am one of those people who knows a little about everything and like to be able to say "I made it myself". I kinda want one just to have one. I am thinking I could use a mill to make all of the R/C parts I break all of the time. I also want to build a nice "solvent trap" for my .22 and could...
  13. LomitaBob

    question about mill / lathe machines

    I started thinking that I should have waited till after 11am to post this!
  14. LomitaBob

    question about mill / lathe machines

    I have been kicking around buying a small lathe and/or maybe one of those small combo machines. I only want one for tinkering in the garage, I will not be doing any kind of precision stuff at all. that being said, does anyone have any experience with the Harbor Freight small lathe? I know...
  15. LomitaBob

    Meet Dick - soon to be fresh meat.

    this is interesting and I have always wanted to do this. I somehow missed the other thread. I am interested in the cost on this. I found a place in Temecula area, if I remember right that advertises grass fed beef that you buy by the 1/4, 1/2, or whole and you are supposed to get the whole...
  16. LomitaBob

    Air Marshall Impersonator

    maybe he was just going to go and help secure the Air Port!
  17. LomitaBob

    The shootout with SBPD.

    can anyone imagine what would or could have happened if those fuckers had made it back to the original scene??? or even close enough to detonate their bomb they left behind? I saw a cellphone video of the cops chasing that SUV and you can hear an AR being fired at the cops that were behind...
  18. LomitaBob

    Well.....the kids saw santa today

    my dad and father inlaw both look like santa. I remember when my kid could barely talk he would look at stuff with santa on it and say, Grandpa! never have had a problem with him taking those pics
  19. LomitaBob

    What's for dinner?

    are you using a smoky mountain type smoker??? If so, how did the skin turn out? I have a traeger and as nice as chicken and turkey look when smoked in that thing the skin is like rubber!
  20. LomitaBob

    with all this isis stuff going on

    I was not talking about joining an actual militia, I think most of those groups are bat shit nuts. I have no interest in playing fake army, I don't like fat chicks or any of my cousins so I don't think I would be a good match for those type of groups. maybe I didn't use the right terminology...