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  1. J

    Havasu Carne Asada

    This is the spot. Get some of the riblets while you’re there as well.
  2. J

    FS 4 Used Toyo RT 37x13.50 r20

    (4) Used Toyo RT 37x13.50 r20. 30k miles on them and roughly 40% tread remaining. Tires are worn evenly, no cupping. One tire has a patch. $500 for all 4 Tires are in Pismo Beach CA but will be leaving for Havasu tonight, 2/12 and can bring with me. Jason 805-440-0562
  3. J

    Good Boat mechanic in Havasu

    I was not very impressed with my last dealings at SoCal Speed and Marine. Had boat in for engine not running off idle. Mario changed spark plugs and told me it was good to go and now running perfect. Put boat in water and engine still did not run. Took it to another shop and found that the...
  4. J

    Eliminator fundeck vs cobra python

    I like both as each bring different things. Eliminator seems like more of a deck boat where the Cobra is more like an open bow cat with front walk off added. Eliminators cockpit seems more open, stairs out the back and the open walk off front. Cobras cockpits seems slightly smaller, no stairs...
  5. J

    What’s everyone doing for cable

    HULU Live and Netflix. Canned DTV 6 months ago as cost went way up after our two year contract was up.
  6. J

    Good Boat mechanic in Havasu

    I’m hearing good things about Iguana Marine. New shop doing good work and good customer service. Who ever she decides to go with, report back and let us know how it goes.
  7. J

    Eliminator Customer Service

    Not uncommon for boat businesses operate this way. I’d be a bit upset as well. It’s important for any business to communicate when there are going to be delays beyond what they committed to. This is what separates the good ones from the not so good. On another note, I have not heard this about...
  8. J

    Havasu Plumber

    2 year old Kelco built home that I moved into 8 months ago. Not the only unqualified work put into this place.
  9. J

    Havasu Plumber

    Shoreline just redid some piping at my house on a service call. Pool guy found the existing shitty PVC work blowing water while I was away. They did good work and very fair price. I am having them do work inside now, adding a shower to what was a half bath.
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    Flu n Cold Season. Anyone still use or have a Vicks Vapo Rub story?

    I didn’t know people ate that shit. Sounds terrible! Mom would put it on our chest. Great for clearing the sinuses.
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    Havasu this weekend? (1/24).

    Great day on the water! Might have to do it again next weekend.
  12. J

    Havasu this weekend? (1/24).

    Making a run to the springs tomorrow. Water looked very nice today, hope tomorrow is just as good.
  13. J

    Havasu this weekend? (1/24).

    Great meeting you. Fun ride!
  14. J

    Havasu this weekend? (1/24).

    We will be in a blue RZR 4. I’ll have one with me. Seeya there at Noon.
  15. J

    Havasu this weekend? (1/24).

    We are headed to bunker bar tomorrow. Will be leaving from Bison around noon if anyone wants to join us.
  16. J

    Havasu this weekend? (1/24).

    Okay, we are still trying to decide whether we want to boat one of the days and as of now Sunday is looking to be the best day, clear and 74°. So may go for a ride tomorrow afternoon and boat on Sunday. I post back once we nail it down.
  17. J

    Havasu this weekend? (1/24).

    We'd like to do a ride either Saturday, Sunday or both. Anyone down to meet up for a ride to the Bunker Bar, cabin or ??
  18. J

    First wettness of 2020

    Looks like you got a beautiful day on water for the first dunk of 2020. Awesome! Now pool, beers and BBQ. Cheers!!
  19. J

    Current boat with specs! (I/o, pontoon, bass boat, kayak, anything you currently have)

    J/K We had our Howard Sportdeck out last weekend for the Havasu Balloon Fest. Impatiently waiting for warmer weather.